Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136 - Celebrating Family...

Each year, we celebrate the days that each of our girls joined our family...whether that be by birth or adoption. There is of course, a bit of emphasis on that particular child, but mostly it is a day to celebrate our family. Little Pumpkin's forever family day started out with a yummy breakfast from McDonald's...
{That picture makes me laugh because Little Pumpkin is making what Sunshine calls her "squinty eyes." Which if you have lived in our world could be considered a stereotype of Asians. However, Little Pumpkin doesn't fit that stereotype....she just likes to make "squinty eyes" by smiling super big and "squinting" her eyes...thus creating "squinty eyes." Haha!}

After church, we took the girls (and boy) to a new restaurant in town, All Aboard. At the restaurant, you order your food up front and then scan a card at your table. When your food is ready, the cook put your order on a train that travels on a track around the restaurant to your table where the food is lowered to your table " via a hydraulic mechanism." Pretty cool if you are four years old...or two years old...or six years old...or one year old...or 32 years old :o) Haha!

Watching the train...

All Aboard in Action...

We look forward to going back soon!

After we ate, we headed home for for our traditional USA overall pics and to give Little Pumpkin a gift we bought for her while in Vietnam.

Making her "squinty eyes" Ha!

I think she has grown a bit :o)
She LOVES anything from Vietnam :o)

The little kids stayed home with Daddy to nap while I took Sunshine to church for a last minute choir practice for the kids' end of the year choir concert. After practice, the school age choir had a pizza party...
My girly girl...ha!

After a quick nap, Daddy brought the little kids back to church for the concert. Little Pumpkin & Sunshine were both super excited about singing on stage :o) The girls were even more excited that Mimi and Papa Paragould got to town just in time for the big show!

Sunshine lives for the chance to perform and be the center of attention so needless to say, she loves being on stage. Little Pumpkin on the other hand usually hates being the center of attention (outside of our home) and performing, BUT she has always LOVED singing on stage...crazy huh?

Little Pumpkin sang her little heart out and did all of her hand motions perfectly! She spent the moments between songs, waving and blowing kisses...precious!
Sunshine's turn...

Sunshine also got picked to sing at the microphone during one of the songs...the only first grader! DSC07153
She liked hearing her voice on the microphone :o)
Both girls did a great job and I was so proud of them! I wish I could figure out how to get my videos on my computer! After the concert, we headed to Five Guys for dinner. I cannot think of the last time, we ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Ha!

A great day!


Renee said...

What fun!!!

Jason and Erin said...

OK, WHERE is that restaurant? I must take Loston!