Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137 - Happy Birthday!!

My parents and brother came to town today so the girls and I took a day off from MDO. Baby Boy had a visit with his birthfather so we met the DHS transporter at Target and then met up with family.
We accompanied them to a couple doctor visits and then we had a yummy lunch at Five Guys and then shopping. The girls LOVE when their family comes to visit them!

Today is EXTRA special because it is Papa Texarkana's birthday!!! Sunshine made me promise not to have the "birthday party" until she got home from school :o) That girl likes to party...ha! Each girl (and Baby Boy) wrapped a present for Papa and made him a card. They could hardly wait to give it to him :o)

The little girls helped me make eggless cupcakes for Papa's birthday...they were yummy :o)
Happy Birthday Papa!!

The weather was PERFECT today. The girls (and boy) played outside all afternoon!
In fact, they didn't even want to come in for supper so we at outside :o

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Renee said...

Awesome smile from the birthday boy! Grandparents are the BEST!!!