Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 144 - Trees & Bread...

I am happy to report, as of today, we are officially done with the "tree guys." The clean up has not been a pleasant experience...and it has lasted a whole MONTH! BUT, we are done! Whoo hoo! Our car should be ready tomorrow. I am a bit nervous that my hubby is secretly mourning the impending loss of his rental car...a minivan. Haha! We have both fought the "minivan war" for years and judging by a few comments by the hubby this month, I think he has been won over! Ha! Trees done, car done...all that is left is getting the front of the house painted and we will be back to square one :o) Yay!

I am super excited about a bread starter I got from a friend last week. I "fed" it tonight and I it will be ready to make tomorrow...I can't wait!
I {heart} homemade bread!!

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Renee said...

I soooo do NOT want a minivan, but they are SO FUNCTIONAL!! The sliding doors alone!