Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145 - Mission Friends & GAs...

Wednesday nights, at our church, are amazing for kids! The kids eat with their friends and then the preschool kids go to choir and Mission Friends while school age kids have choir and GAs (RAs for boys). Wednesday night activities are one of the things we like most about our church.

Tonight, the girls participated in the end of the year programs for Mission Friends and GAs.

Little Pumpkin and Sweet Pea's classes were on stage at the same time. Little Pumpkin was insistent that Sweet Pea stand in front of her. This resulted in Sweet Pea spending quite a bit of her stage time turned around talking to her big sister...ha!
{Sweet Pea is on the front row, middle, in an orange dress.}

Sweet Peas class wore sunglasses because they told about a missionary that preaches about Jesus at the beach and Little Pumpkin's class wore sailor hats, I missed that part :o)

This was Sweet Pea's first time to perform on stage! She did favorite part was when she spotted us in the audience and ran off the stage and gave us a huge and ran back to the stage. Big sister tried to hold her back...didn't work :o)

Sweet Pea's class went to the playroom after their performance and Little Pumpkin's class joined their parents to watch the rest of the show.

Next up...GAs! This is Sunshine's first year as a GA. The first graders received their GA sashes and first badges tonight. I am not sure if they wear their sashes anytime except the end of the year programs each, but nonetheless, Sunshine was excited :o)

Good job girls!

In foster care news, no more visitations until further notice.


The Suri Story said...

I wish our Church had so much family involvement. What a wonderful thing for the kids to be apart of!

As for the visitations, I am hoping this is a good sign.

Jason and Erin said...

Where did you get SL's dress? It's adorable!

Renee said...