Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147 - Storms & Kittens...

Weekends are great...LONG weekends are Ah-maz-ing! Sweet hubby took today off to extend our weekend even more. Whoo hoo!

We had a wonderful, relaxed day. Baby boy has been in such a good, happy mood this week. He has started talking more and follows directions very well. I just cannot get over what a sweet, happy, content baby he is. His big court date is a month from today. Pray.

Warning...the following could be considered a bit of a vent (and a lot of whining)...

As I was pulling out of the driveway last Wednesday to pick up Sunshine from school, the radio station was preempted to tell of a storm headed our way. We were warned about possible strong winds and hail. Sure enough, as we drove to school, we had strong winds and some very minor hail. Luckily, it was very brief and by the time we got to Sunshine's school, the sun was shining. Crazy.

After carpool, we headed straight to church and we didn't get home until after dark. When we left for MDO on Thursday morning, I thought I might have noticed something out of ordinary laying in the yard, but we were in a hurry and I put it out of my mind...until today. UGH!

Yes, MORE dang storm damage! The winds snapped three smaller trees.
And ANOTHER stupid tree uprooted...and laying across the yard. Uprooted...that means the root has to be removed too. Our tree guys charge a lot to remove roots. A lot. I hate roots.

That happened on Wednesday. The day before, we made what we thought was the last payment to the tree guys. UGH! I just cannot believe we have had so much tree damage this year. I feel lucky that we are safe and our house is unscathed...for the most part...


I am irritated. Do you know that we could have built almost TWO WELLS in Africa for what we have spent on tree clean up in the last month? {I gauge most expenses in terms of wells in Africia...haha.}

I will NEVER look at trees the same again.

And since I have already turned this post into a whining post...I will go ahead and get something else out there. Princess Lola had another "patch of kittens (as Little Pumpkin calls it)" a few weeks ago. Yes, that would be her second patch in less than a year. After her last patch, Meow (the daddy) left so we thought we could take our time getting her neuter. Boy, were we wrong. Dang country cats!

Of course, the girls are thrilled.

Anyone want a precious, cute kitten? Or firewood? Haha!

This is a long weekend. This is a long weekend. This is a long weekend. Whoo hoo! Feeling much better now! haha!

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Renee said...

YAY for court in a month! I'm so sorry about the trees. :( I know what you mean about the wells! The movers estimated $700 for our move and all I heard was, "That will cost over 1,500 meals for starving Ethiopian children." OUCH! :(
Matthew LOVED the Angry Birds cake. haha!