Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 149 - Swimming, Handyman & Fireworks...

Last weekend, the girls wanted to swim, but it was too cold. The temperature definitely wasn't holding anyone back from swimming this weekend! What a difference a week makes! Welcome Summer! Of course, last weekend, we had a hotel pool...this weekend we have a plastic, baby pool :o) I don't think the kids minded...ha!

Sunshine waiting on the water :o)

My girls...

Big sister, little sister...

Big sister, little brother...

All my babies...

Fun times!

Today we hung curtains, painted two decks, painted a door and installed some hardware. Sweet hubby may be ready to head back to work Tuesday. So much for a relaxing vacation...ha!

Tonight, we put the little babies to bed and then woke them up about an hour later to go downtown to see the fireworks...they were so surprised :o)

This year we decided to watch the fireworks from the parking garage at Daddy's work. It was soooooo nice not to have to deal with the crowds!

So excited to have another day with my family tomorrow!!

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