Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154 - First Grade...

Sunshine's first grade year is coming to an end (sniff, sniff). I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone...I think it went even faster than kindergarten! We are SO THANKFUL that the school board waived our recent electricity & flood days so our last day still stands at June 8th...which seems completely nuts, but given what it could have been, I'll take it!

Today, Sunshine's teacher did slide show of first grade memories, set to music.


The classroom was set up like a theatre and the kids were all really excited...except for mine...there is some confusion over a misplaced library book which resulted in her not getting to go outside for a popsicles party (booooo!!!!! Yes, I am that mom...ha!). Anyways, when I walked into her classroom, I spotted her on the front row with her hands laid across the chair next to hers...she was saving me a seat! So sweet!


I enjoyed the slide show very much...until the end. The words across the screen read, "Introducing the newest second graders..." Then one by one, each of the kid's pictures (in black in white) was displayed along with their names. I mean, seriously? What mom wants to see that? My kid still has one half of a week as a first grader, dang it! Haha!

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Emy said...

What a cute idea. And even though Ben has been out of school for a week now I am NOT calling him a 5th grader, he's a 4th grader that's on summer vacation! :o)
Poor Sunshine! Adults lose things all the time and we get to have popsicles any time we want! I am one of those moms too!!!