Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 158 - A Taste of the Summer...

We got a taste of what this summer is going to be like today and WE LIKED IT :o)

We slept in and it was sooo nice. Sunshine and I both got up around 8 and Little Pumpkin said, "Good grief, I thought you were never going to wake up." Haha! I have no idea what time that child gets up, but it is almost always WAY before anyone else in our house!

Today was technically a school day for Sunshine, but it was also the first day of her summer gymnastics class...I'm sure you can guess which activity we chose :o)

The girls have really been looking forward to today and were bouncing off the walls this morning before their classes...

They both had a great time, but were a little tired when they got done :o) I am not sure how sincere these smiles are...ha!

{Thanks Ganny and Pops!}

We then enjoyed a yummy lunch before picking up Baby Boy from MDO...
Little Pumpkin was thrilled with her "side of olives." I think they are disgusting...she LOVES them.

We then came home and Sunshine did a little reading while the babies took naps.

Then outside to play until supper time!

Tomorrow is Sunshine's last day of first grade!!!

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