Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 159 - Summer Time...

It's funny, I get pretty emotional thinking about Sunshine starting second grade in the fall, BUT I am not one bit sad that first grade is over. I AM SO READY FOR THIS SUMMER! I LOVE having her home, I LOVE that I work less days a week, I LOVE that we won't be sitting in the carpool line for hours each week, I LOVE that we will have a laid-back, relaxed schedule for the next two months!!!!

You know this monumental occasion calls for comparative pictures :o) Haha! Here is my girl on her first day of first grade (well, it was actually week six of school, but that is a whole other story...haha)...
And here she is on her last day of first grade...

I think she has changed quite a bit, what do you think?

Of course, she obliged Mommy and did the sweet picture above and then decided to show her true personality :o) I LOVE it!

To celebrate, we headed to Shipley's for breakfast!
I am telling you, this child can put away some food! He can out eat all of the girls...and that is saying something!

We moved into our house almost two years ago and I have been on a quest to buy a cushion for our front porch swing ever since....crazy, right? The thing is, we have not been able to find a cushion long enough for the swing. We would be out shopping and see a cute cushion and think, well maybe this one is long enough and we would buy it just to get it home and realize it is two feet short. Honestly, it has been pretty ridiculous. Haha! So I finally got the tape measure out last week and measured the swing (good first step, don't ya think?) and did an internet search and came to the realization that the stores around here do not carry cushions that length. I found a great website and found the perfect cushion, ordered it and it arrived today!!!!! Whoo hoo! I LOVE it!

When we got to the carpool line this afternoon, I was surprised that there were only a handful of cars! Apparently most parents decided to keep their kids home today...why didn't I do that? Dang it! Haha! When Sunshine got in the car,
I said, "Were there many kids in class today?"
She said, "There was alot of kids gone today."
I said, "I guess I should have kept you home."
She said, "Oh no, Mama! It is a good thing I was there because we did alot of work today."
Surprised, I said, "Oh, well I guess I am glad you went to school today."
She said, "Yea, we had to help Ms. F pack up her classroom all day. We were so busy, we didn't have any time left to do school work at all."

I cannot believe my girl will be a second grader this fall! Crazy! Now, the stress over second grade begins...well, it actually began several months ago. Why does your child's education have to be so complicated?

We continued our "welcome to summer" celebration this afternoon with an ice-cream run :o)
I totally "let my hair down" and let the kids eat their ice cream cones in the car! That is big for me, folks! Haha!

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