Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 178 - Foster Care & Birthdays...

We had court for Baby Boy yesterday...even though the judge issued a continuance on his case, I feel like I can breathe again...we are "guaranteed" another five weeks with that precious baby boy so back to blogging I go :o) Haha!

Apparently, I have lost all ability to take pictures with my real camera :o) I should probably trade in my Droid for an old school cell phone so I won't be able to use the camera on my phone as a crutch. I KNOW I will regret not having more {good} pictures of this season of life.

Last week, we had our family picture made for our church's directory. We were very torn about whether to include Baby Boy in our family picture. It has been a general "rule" to only include "forever family" members in our family pictures. However, as you know, Baby Boy has been a part of our family for over 19 months...and that feels like forever! So, we went back and forth and finally decided to include him...until we started filling out the paperwork and found out that foster kids had to have written permission to be included in publications, like church directories. Who knew?

At the end of the week, Ganny and Papa Texarkana came up for a visit and took two of my babies back to stay with them for a few days. I am not a big fan of my kids spending the night away from home, but I know it is good for them to spend time with their grandparents so I suck it up and deal :o) Haha! Our house was SO.VERY.QUIET with Sunshine and Sweet Pea gone! They both tend to fall on the dramatic end of the spectrum so things were pretty calm around here for a few days :o) I think Little Pumpkin and Baby Boy enjoyed the extra attention :o) We met Daddy downtown for lunch one day...
Pretty sweet, huh?

Little Pumpkin also got a few extra treats while her sisters were gone :o)

I missed my girls..a lot, but I do have to admit shopping with only two kids was a breeze! Sunshine's birthday is tomorrow so we shopped for her birthday...the kids LOVE the fountain outside my favorite kid's store :o)
I was SO SAD when I went to Wal-Mart to pick out Sunshine's birthday card...
Notice anything about the picture? Well, let me tell you...the sweet, princess cards stop at age SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stupid "tween" cards start at SEVEN. What are they saying? Seven year olds are big kids or something? I am not ready for that...and neither is my girl :o) I settled on a non-numbered Ariel card :o)

Without her sisters around to play with, Little Pumpkin's organization obsession was present in full force. She rearranged her picture album no less than 30 times...that is one of her favorite activities...she also spent a lot of time organizing her paper tablets into different bags. I couldn't help but laugh when I went to pick out her bow and found this...

FINALLY, Sunshine and Sweet Pea came back to town and things got lively again...lively would be a nice way of saying, "loud and messy." Haha! We enjoyed a fun morning painting outside...
Little Pumpkin got NO PAINT on her clothes or skin...the other girls got paint ALL over their skin and clothes :o) It is funny how similar those two are!

Hummm, let's see, what else...the big girls are really enjoying their summer gymnastics classes...
...and we are enjoying to opportunity to meet Daddy downtown for lunch when he is in town!

And since Sunshine's 7th birthday is tomorrow, we have started the traditional SEVEN birthday celebrations! We are doing pretty good...two down, five to go :o) For the last two nights, she got to open birthday presents!

Celebration #1...She got these super cool birthday sunglasses and school uniforms for next year...but not just any school uniforms...school uniforms for her new school...she had no idea she was switching schools until she opened the present and saw the school plaid...she is going back to the school she went to for kindergarten next year. She was SUPER excited about this present :o) I took her by this morning to drop off some paperwork at the school :o) Of course, she had to wear the glasses!

Celebration #2...More presents...new backpack and lunchbox :o)

I cannot believe my baby will be seven tomorrow! This is her last six year old picture...
I hope she doesn't change too much this year! I LOVE that girl!


The Suri Story said...

So happy to hear you have baby boy for a few more weeks. I have been saying so many prayers and will continue to keep them up!

Happy birthday to your ray of Sunshine!!

The Garners said...

Happy B-day, H! Hope it's GREAT!