Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 179 - Happy Birthday Sunshine!!!

Today my baby turned in the world do I have a seven year old? Man, time flies!

I mean, surely it hasn't been six years since I took this picture!
Birthday #1

When we were leaving the house this afternoon, Sunshine asked for the keys because she wanted to start the car...which I didn't do because we don't do that...but it got me will only be like nine more birthdays until she turns SIXTEEN! Is that still the driving age? Crazy! Where did my baby go?
Newborn Baby

However, I am so proud of the little girl she is growing up to be. She is polite, funny, creative, considerate, helpful and most importantly, loves Jesus will all her heart. What more could a mom ask for?

She started her morning with the traditional "Happy Birthday Princess" song playing as she woke up. All of the girls love hearing that song {over and over} on their birthday day :o) Daddy told her she could open her presents before he left for work and she was all over that :o)
She LOVED her singing Ariel birthday card! Take that Hallmark! There is no way she would have enjoyed a Justin Bieber or Hannah Montana card anymore :o) Haha!
She was SHOCKED when she opened her "big" present...
I have never heard her talk about an ipod touch before and I wasn't sure she would even know what it was so I was pretty surprised when she squealed and said, "Whoa! Ipod touch! I pod touch!"
I had a hard time getting that thing wrapped last week...Daddy kinda liked playing with it...I mean, setting it up :o)

For breakfast, she chose chocolate donuts and chocolate milk. I totally had a mental block and put six candles on her donuts :o) Wishful thinking, I guess!

Sunshine then spent the next 10 hours or so playing with her ipod touch...with an exception of about 20 minutes I made her go outside and play...ha!

Tonight, our Texarkana family came to town (my dad is having surgery tomorrow...please pray for him!) and we had supper at The Purple Cow.
Ganny and Baby Boy(and a couple sitting behind you ever wonder if you are in the background of other people's pictures?)
Aunt Missy and the girls!
Sunshine was completely surprised and tickled when the staff came to sing to would think she would have been expecting it since we just did this with Sweet Pea a couple weeks ago, but she wasn't. It was SO SWEET to watch her!!
Make a wish!
The girls!

Happy Birthday Baby! You will always be my little Sunshine!

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Julie said...

Looks like tons of fun..super cute pics! Happy Birthday to your biggest sweetie!