Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 181 - Relief & The Celebration Continues...

I am thrilled to report my dad had his surgery yesterday and despite a few hiccups, he is doing well and was able to go home today!!! Praise the Lord!

This afternoon, Mimi & Papa Paragould came to town and we continued the Sunshine turning 7 birthday celebration! {I am really going to have to strike a compromise with the girls regarding the age year celebrations soon...haha!}. For today's celebration {that would be #5 for those of you keeping count} we went to one of the kids' very favorite places in town...Playtime Pizza!

Ready to go!
After a quick lunch, Sunshine and Papa Paragould started things off right with a race around the racetrack!
Oh how I wish this picture had sound attached...Baby Boy is saying "Cheeeeeese!" Precious!
Next up...squashing the aliens...a family favorite :o)
And then some pretty impressive bowling!
Here is a cute pic of Le...
...and of JuJu...come on girls, let's get it together...haha!
Those dimples...ahhhh!
Pure excitement!
Is it just me or does Baby Boy look tiny in this picture?
This cute little boy walked right over to Baby Boy and patted him on the shoulder. It was so sweet to watch them check each other out. They were just about the same size :o) On a side note, the lady with him asked if I was with my daycare kids...hahahaha! It never gets old :o)
This child is a MESS! If she doesn't get her way, she puts her hands on her hips and gives me a look. I know I should "get it under control," but honestly, it is the CUTEST thing :o) Haha! She had been giving me "the look" for several minutes so I pulled out my camera to capture the cuteness and that child REFUSED to do anything but smile and pose. That girl likes to look good! Haha!
Who knew Little Pumpkin was such a baller?
Sunshine charmed a lady working at Playtime Pizza and she gave her a unicorn for her birthday...ha!
On the way home...with ring pop in her mouth and her half open, sleeping eyes. Both of my "orphanage babies" often sleep with their eyes partly open.
More presents!
She LOVES her new safe!

We are looking forward to a super fun holiday weekend which will include Celebration #6 and #7...whew...haha!!


The Garners said...

FUN Fun Fun!!! Okay, if I show Rhett that safe he is going to go nuts! He has been asking for a safe for two years--he has his eye on one at the farm supply store in is a gun safe though and we would have to add onto our house to have a place to put it! haha!!! He has always liked anything with locks and combinations, and he loves secret agent "stuff"...I think he might grow up to work for the FBI or something. :) Anyway, I'm so glad she is (still) having such a great b-day! :)

The Garners said...

Oh, and also so glad your Dad is doing well!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Julie said...

What great pics of ur precious family!! They are all precious and unique....and perfect! So sweet. Love the pic of ur ethiopian princess with her ring pop in her mouth..ha ha. Lj sleeps with her eyes like that at times too. Ha. Funny. ;-)