Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 182 - Swimming & Fireworks...

We had a fun, fun day today, but we just got home and it's 11:30 so this will be short :o)

We started the day with the discovery of two special guests munching on grass in our yard...
There are tons of deer in our area and we usually see three or four crossing the road in our neighborhood, but this is the first time we have seen them in our yard...I hope they come back!

This afternoon, we did a little shopping. Sunshine is our oldest child and therefore has not had much influence from older in what is "cool" and the latest trends. Hubby and I were quite surprised when she started squealing in the music aisle. She said, "I have to get this CD, Kids Bop 19 has some great songs on it." Haha!
I was surprised that she knew several of the songs {I only play KLove in my car}. I asked her where she heard these songs and she said her teacher {1st grade} played them all the time during class...ha!

For supper, we went to our FAVORITE restaurant...and it was YUMMY! What's not to like about a Mexican restaurant that not only has the BEST chips and salsa, but also the BEST tortillas?
Unfortunately, Sunshine started feeling a bit under the weather during supper :o(
These two can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies...depending on the minute! When it's good, it's really good :o)

Next up...swimming! The cool water was nice treat on this scorching hot day!

Tonight, we watched a wonderful firework show! Sweet Sunshine got to feeling better while during our swim, but started feeling bad again once we got to the fireworks. She slept the entire time :o( On the other hand, the little girls LOVED the show! At one point, someone came and stood in front of us so the little girls walked over to a clearing so they could see the show better. My heart melted when I looked over and saw this...
...I love the moments when they are best of friends :o)

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Lisa said...

What a sweet picture of the little girls!