Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 193 - VBS & Skyping...

This week is VBS at our church. We are doing The Big Apple Adventure! Fun, fun...and exhausting, exhausting! Ha!

Each morning, we get there about 45 minutes early to get things set up for the day...the kids have been great help! They LOVED taking turns riding the tricycle in and out yesterday!


VBS is officially for kids 4 to 5th grade, but the little kids get to go since I am working. This is Little Pumpkin's first "official" year at VBS so she gets to do praise and worship in the sanctuary each morning...she LOVES it!


Hubby has been working out of town {!} this week so the kids have been taking turns talking to him on Skype each night (LOVE SKYPE!).
I SO wish I would have taken a picture of Baby Boy yesterday when he came to talk to Daddy on the computer. He was SO EXCITED to see Daddy's face on the screen! He ran over to the computer and said, "Hi Daddy!" and then began circling the computer trying to find the rest of Daddy's body. It was so funny. Each time, he got to the back of the computer screen, he would get the weirdest look on his face :o) Haha!

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