Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 195 - TGIF...

It's FRIDAY...whoo hoo! I haven't this excited to see the weekend in a long time!

We finished up a great week of VBS today. We had a great turnout this year...over 1100 kids enrolled...I feel like most of those were kindergartners...haha {that is the age I worked with}!

I am thankful each one of my kids had a good week, made lots of great memories {and tons of crafts!} and most importantly learned more about Jesus!


Little Pumpkin was so proud that she smiled for all of her pictures this week :o) Of course, we always get great pictures of her at home, but church has always been a different story! She is ALWAYS making a very sour face in her church pictures...always! I talked to her about it quite a bit last week and I am SO PROUD she smiled for all of her {craft} pictures!! We may be turning a corner!! Yay Little Pumpkin!


Tonight was VBS family night. The girls were SO EXCITED Daddy got home just in time for the program! One thing that has always surprised me about Little Pumpkin is how much she likes to sing on stage. She LOVES it...she has been so excited all week!


Sunshine with her group!

Sweet Pea had a good time playing with her little buddy during the program :o)


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