Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 196 - My Wild Haired Girl & My Dirty Boy...

Saturdays are ah-maz-ing! It sure would be nice if we had more than one each week :o)

We decided to go out for breakfast this I was getting the kiddos ready, I was thinking we would be going through the drive-thru and eating in the car. However, when we pulled up to Chick-Fil-A, hubby pulled into a parking spot and the kids started squealing in anticipation of playing in the play area. I mean, seriously, what was I thinking? Of course, we would be going why, oh why, did I not do the girls' hair? Akkkk! I keep extra bows on my sun visor so I stuck one in each of the big girls' hair and they looked fine. My Sweet Pea is a whole different story. She has awesome hair...big, awesome hair. There is no sliding by with her hair. I felt kinda weird about taking her in the restaurant with her morning, wild hair, but what choice did I have? I just told myself, "it's Saturday morning...who cares?"

The first person we saw in the play area said, "Wow, she has such...pretty hair. I bet it is really hard to fix." I couldn't help but laugh. That my friends, was good Southern manners in all their glory. Ha! Granted, Sweet Pea does have pretty hair, but I'm sure the lady was thinking something more along the lines of, "Wow, she has some pretty wild hair. You need to learn how to fix it. " Haha!

I am probably being to harsh, right? Surely, I am exaggerating? Haha! Well, this is Sweet Pea's hair on a typical morning...
You be the judge...Ha!
Lesson matter what the situation is, I need to take time to put her hair up.

After breakfast, we spent an hour or so doing our new favorite activity...geocaching!! Sunshine and I got out to find a cache in the common area of our old neighborhood and just as we were getting close to where I think the cache is, the sprinklers came on! We were surround by shooting water...we left without our cache...and soaked! We will have to try that one again soon. Sweet memories :o) If you haven't geocached before, you need is fun, fun, fun! We are still in the learning stage {we haven't found several of our intended caches yet}, but the hunt is so exciting!

Next on the list...a stop by Wal-Mart for some drinks. A new pair of glasses for Sunshine is on our to-do list before school starts so we stopped by the vision department on our way out for a quick look...
Unfortuntely, the selection was pretty limited...ha!

Another one of our favorite activities is going to the library. The girls LOVE checking out books. Sunshine has really developed a love of learning over the last year and I am SO thankful! I never really liked reading growing up, but I do now.

I checked out a book I have been wanting to read for quite sometime...

I thought I had a pretty good idea about each girls' love language, but after reading a few chapters....I think I may need to make some adjustments. Do any of you parent according to love languages?

After it cooled off a bit tonight {down to the mid 90s...ha!}, we went outside and the kids had a ball with their new water squirters!
Little sisters vs. big sister!
This is Baby Boy's favorite activity...
That is usually the first thing he runs to when we are outside and he will usually play in that little puddle of water for as long as I will let him!

Dirt on hands, face, feet, legs, shirt, head, shoes, arms, shorts...successful playtime :o)

Oh weekend, please slow down!

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Julie said...

I love that big hair! I have a little one that looks very similar...hee hee...and yes..we fix it before going out too...or get our food to go!!:-). Cute!