Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 200 - Wildlife, Clothes, Hair & Glasses...

This post will be full of random thoughts/pictures...what's new? Ha!

For the last few weeks, these beautiful animals have been coming to our yard each morning for breakfast. They are surprisingly very comfortable around people...I got pretty close to get these pictures...if fact, I was the first to run...not them :o) Who knew deer made a hissing noise? Not me!

Daddy is out of town AGAIN this week (boooooooooo!) so I have been checking some "busy work" off my checklist to help pass the time. I cleaned out all of the girls' closets, shoes, drawers and toys. That is always an exciting job...yea, right! I decided to combine the little girls clothes since they are pretty much wearing the same size now...their clothes still take up two closets, but they are organized together...Little Pumpkin's closet has all of their shirts, pants and shorts...Sweet Pea's closet has all of their outfits and dresses.

This is the first time I have wondered whether or not I should save or donate the clothes the girls have outgrown...hmmmmm. I texted hubby and he said we should probably hang onto them :o) No arguments here :o) Haha! We have been so blessed that the little girls' have been able to wear so many of Sunshine's handmedowns. Each season, we buy fill in pieces and they get clothes for holidays, but for the most part they are able to wear clothes we already have...hallelujah! It is really neat to have pictures of all three girls wearing the same this dress...I have always LOVED this dress and I can vividly remember each girl wearing it! It definitely pays to buy "nicer" clothes when you want to use them again!

I "finger brush" Sweet Pea's hair daily, but the big comb thru only happens about once a month. The morning after the big detangle is always interesting. Here is one of our newest hair adventures :o) She LOVED it :o)

If you recall, new glasses for Sunshine has been on our to-do list...we finally got that checked off yesterday!! She picked out a blue/gold pair...
...and a pink/gold pair...
She tells anyone in ear-shot that we got "two pairs for $99 in an hour or less." Haha! I think someone has been watching too much tv!

And a random one of Baby Boy...he can now wear the same size shoe as Little Pumpkin! He LOVES putting on Little Pumpkin's crocs when we go outside...haha!


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