Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 201 - Balloons & Mud...

Another HOT summer day here in Central thankful for these "ordinary" days with my babies! I know they will be grown before I know it and I am trying my best to cherish each day...although, if I am being honest, I am not sure I will be too sad to see Sweet Pea turn four next year...THREE has always been a hard year in our house for some reason. It is almost like a switch flips at their third birthday party! Crazy! I have always heard "terrible twos," but I will take two over three any day! In fact, I like two...two is one of my favorite years :o)

Today we went to MDO at our church. While I was with my four year olds in the playroom, I looked out the huge windows across the back wall and saw this...


That would be Sunshine's class having a fun, water day!! They were having a balloon fight! Well, I say "fight," but I never saw Sunshine throw a single balloon. Instead, she would run over to the balloon stash, grab one out, hold it above her head and squeeze! Haha! I asked her this afternoon if she threw any of the balloons at her friends and she said, "I threw one, but I saved the rest to throw at myself. You know I really like getting wet." Haha! Yes, she does!


When we walked out to door of our church after MDO, we were pleasantly surprised to see an ice cream truck giving out free ice cream! Whoo hoo! The girls were so excited. {Baby Boy was already eating a sucker so we skipped an ice cream for him...he didn't seem to mind.}

Each evening, I water the flowers outside with a water hose. Baby Boy always comes out with me and keep me company (and attempts to eats sticks, rocks, leaves, etc...are all boys like that?}. The end result is usually a muddy little boy :o) He LOVES getting washed off in the kitchen sink afterwards!

Another thing he LOVES to do is swing/hang on the treadmill...
He looks just like a little man in that picture!

Daddy is coming home tomorrow {for a couple days}!!! I am SO thankful...I don't like being a single is HARD work!

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Julie said...

Bennett loves hanging on the treadmill. Has basically turned it into his own personal gym :-)