Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 204 - Water Balloons & Ethiopian Hair...

I think a little weekend wrap-up is in order :o) I haven't posted since Thursday! Whoa! I have to admit, I am kinda liking the "post whenever you want" thing...who'd thought? Haha!

So, last Friday, Ganny and Papa Texarkana came up for another doctor's appointment. Please keep my dad in your prayers...he had to have a little "tune-up" a few weeks ago and in the process, the doctors found another "tune-up" that needs to be taken care of...praying it can be taken care quickly with no more "complications!" Of course, the kids LOVE having their grandparents in matter what the circumstances :o)

I mean, who else gives you money to throw away in vending machines? Ha!

While we waited for them to get out of the doctor's appointment, we stopped by the park for a few minutes (a few minutes is about all you can do in Arkansas during the summer!).

Daddy has been traveling quite a bit with work lately. The girls were SO happy to have him home this weekend (Mommy was pretty happy too!).

Saturday morning, I filled up some water balloons and the girls LOVED them!
I LOVE this girl so much...
I hope she never changes!
Little Pumpkin thought the whole thing was just hilarious...and I don't think she got a drop of water on herself!
Thank God for little girls!

Last night after baths, I decided to try something new with Sweet Pea's hair...I have not much luck fixing her hair since it has gotten longer. I have pretty much done piggie tails for a ponytail everyday for the last month! One of the Ethiopian ladies I met in Texas showed me how she fixes her nine year old's hair...twisting. I decided to twist it before bedtime and hoped for the best this morning :o) It seems like I always try new things on Saturday nights which can make getting ready for church Sunday mornings quite interesting...haha! Luckily, I think it turned out great!! Definitely a new 'do for Sweet Pea!
The back...

I have also decided to have her sleep (and take naps) in a sleep hat to help cut down on the tangles. She LOVES her sleep hat :o)


The Garners said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE J's new hairstyle that you tried--that is ADORABLE! And her "sleep hat"--sooooo cute. What beautiful girls you have!

The Suri Story said...

I love sweet peas new hair "do"!! It is sooo cute! She always looks adorable though!

Lisa said...

Way cute hair!