Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 209 - School Shoes & Red Hair...

I have been full speed ahead tying to get everything together for school this Fall...lunch boxes, school supplies, uniforms, clothes, belts, backpacks, paperwork, SHOES. Can you believe school begins in two and a half weeks...eeeek!?!? Where has the summer gone? Anyways, shoes for Sunshine is one of the items that has been challenging...what type of shoes, what color, light up or not, etc. So...I finally decided on a pair of red Toms. Cute...easy to put on (slip on)...matches school plaid and "one for one." Perfect, right?

WRONG...I bought the shoes last Thursday and as I was walking out of the store, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulder...sounds dramatic, but you try shoe shopping with four little nutty people :o) Haha! While we were at the store, I noticed Sunshine was having a bit of trouble getting the shoe on, but I thought, no big deal. When Daddy got home she wanted to try them on for him and she couldn't get them on!! Apparently her foot is just too wide and that child WILL NOT wear anything that is the slight bit uncomfortable, despite advice that the shoes will probably stretch a bit.

So...we are back to the drawing board...and I have to make a return...I HATE making returns!

I am thinking we will go with a back to light up or not...she LOVES light up...but I am just not sure....Hummm....

Did I mention hubby is home?!?!?!?! For a whole week?????? Ahhhhh!

We have spent the last week trying to fit in as many playdates as we can before school starts. Here is a pic from this morning...
Sunshine ran in the room like this and then came back a few minutes later and asked if I had seen a girl named "Erica." She explained that Erica is really cute and has red hair...and that she was hoping to meet her :o) Haha!

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The Suri Story said...

Converse are always cute and then my favorite are Jack Purcell sneakers! They are cute and look great with uniforms!

Good luck!