Monday, August 29, 2011

Asian Eyes, Tulle & Snacks...Day 240

I am pretty sure this is inappropriate, but I just have to share. Little Pumpkin, who as you know is Asian, has recently decided making this face...
2011-08-25_18-53-07_608 beyond hilarious. She says, "these are my Chinese eyes" and then laughs and laughs and laughs. I am always with her so I know she hasn't seen anyone do it...she just came up with it herself. It is completely innocent. I know I should probably tell her that it isn't polite or something along those lines, but I find the irony humorous.

I started a project for the big girls this is a sneak peek...
Any ideas of what it is?

I posted this picture on facebook this morning...
I never really thought our snack/lunch routine was out of the ordinary, but a few people asked about it...I will do a post on it soon :o) It saves SO much time and energy throughout the week and the kids LOVE it!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eighteen Shoes...Day 239

Just a quick little post tonight...

I am pretty sure I saw "Little Lady" {our second foster daughter} at the gas station today. The situation she was in was heartbreaking. I wanted to pick her up and take her home with us...instead she climbed into the car with no carseat and rode away. She is four years old.

Just to clarify about the glow jars...just add the contents of a glow stick into a jar...that's it :o) No water, no fuss, very easy! The glow lasts for a couple hours. The girls LOVE the ones we made last night!!!

I...errr...I mean the girls are VERY excited about starts the day after Labor Day. Haha! Today, we purchased the required dance shoes.
Hubby was so funny...he said, do you realize you will need to gather NINE pairs of shoes on dance days? Haha! That would be three dance shoes for Sunshine plus regular shoes to wear, two dance shoes for Little Pumpkin plus shoes to wear and a pair each for Baby Boy and Sweet Pea. I wonder what the chances are all 18 shoes will make it each week? Haha! Wish me luck :o)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Jar Full of Magic...Day 238

This morning, I took Sunshine to a friend's birthday party at the skating rink. It was "under the sea" themed...the mom did a great job with the fun decorations...of which I took no pictures...oops! Sunshine had a great time reconnecting with her friends from first grade!
And her first grade teacher...I mean, seriously, what teacher goes to the birthday parties for her students...from last year! Above and beyond...that always comes to mind when I think of Ms. F!
Could Sunshine's smile be any bigger? LOVE it!

After the party, we stopped by the girls' new dance studio and registered them for this Fall. I am SOOOOOOO excited. I think they are going to love it! While I was filling out the paperwork, Sunshine picked up a program from last year's recital...she loved looking at all of the cute costumes!
There were some really, really cute outfits...frilly and girly...and then there was this one...
Hahahahaha! I had to take a picture for hubby. We are big Napoleon fans in this house :o)

Right before bedtime tonight, I made each of the girls a glow jar...
They LOVED them!
All you do is cut the end off of a glow stick and empty the contents into a jar. Simple...Fun...Cheap...Magical!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to Preschool Little Pumpkin...Day 237

My second oldest started preschool this week! In so many ways Little Pumpkin reminds me of Matilda...have you seen that movie? It is about this super smart little girl who dreams of nothing more than getting to go to school one day. Her parents are idiots and she is a genius. I am hoping we aren't idiots, but I do think the latter is true...seriously. I know you shouldn't say your kids are the best or the smartest or the cutest, but in this case I feel like is is more like I am stating a fact...haha! She is SO ready for school!


Little Pumpkin will go to preschool at our church twice a week this year. I LOVE she will be right down the hall from my class so I will be able to check on her throughout the day :o) I am ready for her to go to school because I know she is ready, but I am not ready for her to be in school all day, everyday :o)

Little Pumpkin started her morning with with a visit from the "back to school fairy." She was SO excited that the fairy came to see her, especially after seeing Sunshine's special visit a couple weeks ago.
She quickly gathered up all of her "pk" decorations and certificate before I could snap a picture...that girl LOVES to collect things. When I cleaned out her backpack after school, I found the "pk" cutouts in her sweet!

We then headed outside for the traditional "back to school" picture(S).
Sweet girl!!

Daddy met us at the church so he could "see her off." She was so excited she couldn't sit still so we got out of the car and waited by the playground.

Gotta slip in this one of Baby Boy...that boy loves accessories...haha!

Daddy and Little Pumpkin...

It seems like just yesterday we were picking her up in is she already starting preschool?

FINALLY, it's time to go to preschool!!! Here we go...
She helped me make back to school treat boxes for teachers like the one we made for Sunshine's teacher.

Meeting up with her sweet little friend, AA

And precious little J...that would be the little boy she declared her plans for the future to a few weeks ago :o) LOVE him!

Little Pumpkin and her precious teachers...they were Sunshine's preschool teachers too and we love them!!! I am so thankful Little Pumpkin will be in such loving hands this year!

I adore her classmates! I have know most of them since they were tiny babies :o) DSC07604

Looking forward to a wonderful year!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rain and Preschool...Day 235

A few weeks ago, we were begging for rain. It didn't rain much this summer and everything was brown and crispy. And then one day the rain came pouring down and we have gotten rain almost everyday since! The grass around town is back to green and flowers are blooming again...Praise the Lord! We received another shower of blessings this morning...
While it poured outside, the littles enjoyed a "magic carpet ride" around the house...

As I was feeding Baby Boy his bottle this morning, I tried to capture a picture of Baby Boy's AMAZING eyelashes.
This baby has ALWAYS had LONG, CURLY lashes...every since he was born. I sure wish I could trade with him...haha!

This afternoon, Little Pumpkin and I worked on a back to school gift for her teachers...
...because she starts PRESCHOOL tomorrow!!!!!!

She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! Tonight as I was putting her to bed she said, "Mommy, thank you for finding me a good place to go to preschool and thank you for letting me grow up."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back in the Groove...Day 234

Over the next few weeks we will be easing back into our Fall/Spring routine. Today, we added Tuesday MDO back to the schedule. Popsicles at "recess" and cupcakes to celebrate a friends birthday helped make the transition much easier :o)
There is a very interesting dynamic on Tuesdays in our class...lots of siblings! Sunshine and Little Pumpkin love it...until they don't! It you have kids close in age, I know you totally understand that! Haha!

To help ease the pain of carpool this school year, a friend and I are "carpooling" one day a week. I am SO excited! And although, the little kids don't "get it," I can assure you they are appreciative :o) They are not fans of sitting in the carpool line everyday!

Today was our turn to pick up EM. EM and Sunshine have been buddies {almost} since birth...sweet girls! We are so thankful they are classmates this year!
Tonight was Parent's Night Out {or Kid's Night Out, as our kids call it...ha!} so EM came to our house to play before PNO. It was so sweet listening to them talk about their day and do their homework together!

So...if you read the post from yesterday, you know we were struggling a bit choosing this year's activity. Well, Hubby made the decision and "dance" it is...the girls were more than excited when I told them this afternoon!
While they were at PNO tonight, we picked up some of their required attire. As soon as we got home they couldn't wait to try on their sweet! They sure do make some pretty little ballerinas :o)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dance and Cheer and Gymnastics, Oh my! Day 233

This morning, as I left to take Sunshine to school, I noticed my Yukon was making a weird, bad noise...actually, I am sure the whole neighborhood was LOUD!

I prayed all the way to Sunshine's school that we would make it and then through the carpool line, where I am sure the sound probably scared a couple kids, and then all the way to the dealership. I am SO thankful to report we made it! Hubby met us there and we added a car seat to his car and took him to work while they fixed my car.

The little kids were packed in close...
Which was REALLY funny for a few minutes and then they started messing with each other and the squealing began...oh, how I love that they are spread out in my car. Today was a good reminder of that blessing!

The little kids and I came home and I asked Little Pumpkin to help me sort the change sack...she LOVED sorting the quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies!

The Yukon was ready right before carpool time! Yay!!

I have been dealing with a bit of a dilemma the last few days...the place where the girls take gymnastics does not have any simultaneous classes for the girls this!!!! And there is NO way I am going to take them at two different times :o)

So.....what to do....we talked about cheer and dance...and the girls jumped all over the idea of taking dance...and then we did a bit of research and realized dance is not like gymnastics and cheer...there are required shoeS (as in two for Little Pumpkin and THREE for Sunshine) AND required class attire AND recital fees AND recital costumes...oh my!

So, we tried to back peddle and talk to the girls about how much fun CHEER would be...haha!

I even took them to a trial class today...
The girls came out of class (separately) and both said something like, "Cheer was okay, but I definitely want to take dance. I can't wait to dance on stage."


Good thing we were counting our pennies this afternoon...ha!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up...Day 332

I think this may be the longest blog break I have ever taken! Eeek!

So here is a little synopsis of what we've been up to...

Papa Texarkana and Ganny were in town on Friday (for ANOTHER doctor visit... we are still trying to figure out what's going on). We had lunch together at the house and they left to go to the doctor's plan was to put the little kids down for a nap before carpool. I told the girls to go to the bathroom and then get in their beds. I went to tuck them in and Sweet Pea wasn't in her bed...she was still in the bathroom...locked in the bathroom!!!!!

For some reason, the previous owners did not leave any of the door knob keys when they moved...didn't notice that little fact until Friday :o) Luckily, I was able to slide books under the door to Sweet Pea to keep her entertained/calm. I broke seven paperclips trying to get the door open, but I DID...with a whole 2 minutes to spare to leave to pick up Sunshine from school...whoo!

I kept asking her to twist the lock in the middle of the handle and she kept telling me, "I am, Mama! I am." She was twisting all right...


Haha! I think that child would have taken the whole door knob off before she turned the lock! Ha! She is one of a kind!!


After school, we met the grandparents at Yogurt Mountain for yogurt with lots of toppings...yum!

Friday night, I went to my first ever Scrapbook night! I don't scrapbook, but I do like doing little crafty things :o) I made Sunshine several little paper dolls with different outfits...she LOVES them :o)

On Saturday, Papa Paragould and Mimi came for a visit! We ate at the Purple Cow (purple milkshakes...yum!!) and then came back to the house and watched a Scooby Doo movie! We took lots of cute pictures...however, the camera card wasn't in the camera...haha!

Luckily I have this little gem I took last week :o) There is never a dull moment with these two!

This morning we went to church, came home and introduced the girls to Pee Wee's Big Adventure (Sunshine LOVED it!) and then dropped off Sunshine at the movies with her friends...She's getting SO big!
They watched Spy Kids in 4D...although you would think 4D would include 3D, but it doesn't...just a scratch and sniff card...hummm.

While Sunshine was at the movies, we went to the mall to return a few things...and pick up this awesome hat for Baby Boy :o)

The Build a Bear Birthday bear was out greeting kids...I was SHOCKED Little Pumpkin wanted to have her picture made with him!!
I never thought I'd see the day! She doesn't usually respond well to over sized characters...such as Mickey Mouse...
Mickey made Le very nervous!
...and Dora...
She may look calm, but right after I snapped this picture, she freaked...Daddy had to take her down the street and she refused to come back to the store where that HUGE Dora was! Ahhh, such sweet memories!

It's hard to believe my Little Pumpkin starts preschool this week!!! My sweet baby is growing up...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of 2nd Grade & Curling with a Staight Iron...Day 227

Today was a Big day at our house...Sunshine's first day of second grade!!! The big news is we made it...haha...if you have been following our blog for anytime, you probably remember that we missed the first day of kindergarten (we were at the beach)...and first grade (stated year doing home school) today was a pretty big day...ha!

Sunshine came down to breakfast to find that the "Back to School" fairy had been to visit!
2's everywhere!
My girl LOVES stuff like this...I hope second grade doesn't change that!
I heart you, Sunshine!

Big girl ready for school!!
I {heart} her new shoes!

Daddy was so sweet to meet us at the school and wait in the car with the littles while I walked in my big girl! High School kids lined both sides of the sidewalk and offered the "little kids" granola bars and wished them a great first day of school. Of course, Sunshine LOVED this "mini pep rally!" Haha! The walkway was lined with banners boasting this year's key verse...
Excited to be at school!
Could she be any sweeter?
Reconnecting with old friends...
She LOVES her new teacher! Yay!

And then there were just the babies...

After school (today was early dismissal at 11:45), we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A with Ganny and Papa Texarkana (who were in town for another doctor's appointment). Sunshine celebrated the first day of school with a yummy chocolate milkshake...yum!!

This afternoon, I watched a video on YouTube about curling your hair with a straight iron...I guess it works :o)
The big girls LOVE getting their hair curled like Sweet Pea's :o)