Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back in the Groove...Day 234

Over the next few weeks we will be easing back into our Fall/Spring routine. Today, we added Tuesday MDO back to the schedule. Popsicles at "recess" and cupcakes to celebrate a friends birthday helped make the transition much easier :o)
There is a very interesting dynamic on Tuesdays in our class...lots of siblings! Sunshine and Little Pumpkin love it...until they don't! It you have kids close in age, I know you totally understand that! Haha!

To help ease the pain of carpool this school year, a friend and I are "carpooling" one day a week. I am SO excited! And although, the little kids don't "get it," I can assure you they are appreciative :o) They are not fans of sitting in the carpool line everyday!

Today was our turn to pick up EM. EM and Sunshine have been buddies {almost} since birth...sweet girls! We are so thankful they are classmates this year!
Tonight was Parent's Night Out {or Kid's Night Out, as our kids call it...ha!} so EM came to our house to play before PNO. It was so sweet listening to them talk about their day and do their homework together!

So...if you read the post from yesterday, you know we were struggling a bit choosing this year's activity. Well, Hubby made the decision and "dance" it is...the girls were more than excited when I told them this afternoon!
While they were at PNO tonight, we picked up some of their required attire. As soon as we got home they couldn't wait to try on their outfits...so sweet! They sure do make some pretty little ballerinas :o)


The Suri Story said...

Good luck with getting back in the groove!

Also I hope your dad feels better soon, he is in my thoughts!


The Jennings said...

You are actually "carpooling"! I've always wondered why everyone calls it the carpool line. When I was in school, we called it the car rider line. I was so confused when Ramsey first started preschool and they told me I had to come get my carpool number. I thought it was mandatory that we ride with others. Dumb. I know. But isn't that what carpooling is? Congratulations! You are really going to carpool! Ha!

Hope Papa Texarkana is doing well.