Monday, August 22, 2011

Dance and Cheer and Gymnastics, Oh my! Day 233

This morning, as I left to take Sunshine to school, I noticed my Yukon was making a weird, bad noise...actually, I am sure the whole neighborhood was LOUD!

I prayed all the way to Sunshine's school that we would make it and then through the carpool line, where I am sure the sound probably scared a couple kids, and then all the way to the dealership. I am SO thankful to report we made it! Hubby met us there and we added a car seat to his car and took him to work while they fixed my car.

The little kids were packed in close...
Which was REALLY funny for a few minutes and then they started messing with each other and the squealing began...oh, how I love that they are spread out in my car. Today was a good reminder of that blessing!

The little kids and I came home and I asked Little Pumpkin to help me sort the change sack...she LOVED sorting the quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies!

The Yukon was ready right before carpool time! Yay!!

I have been dealing with a bit of a dilemma the last few days...the place where the girls take gymnastics does not have any simultaneous classes for the girls this!!!! And there is NO way I am going to take them at two different times :o)

So.....what to do....we talked about cheer and dance...and the girls jumped all over the idea of taking dance...and then we did a bit of research and realized dance is not like gymnastics and cheer...there are required shoeS (as in two for Little Pumpkin and THREE for Sunshine) AND required class attire AND recital fees AND recital costumes...oh my!

So, we tried to back peddle and talk to the girls about how much fun CHEER would be...haha!

I even took them to a trial class today...
The girls came out of class (separately) and both said something like, "Cheer was okay, but I definitely want to take dance. I can't wait to dance on stage."


Good thing we were counting our pennies this afternoon...ha!


Lisa said...

Oh, I can't wait to see those recital pictures!

The Jennings said...

Even though it's football and soccer for us, I feel your pain!