Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Glasses & Good Fortunes...Day 220

Every Tuesday I have a "date day" with my big girls. We drop off the "babies" at MDO, then head to gymnastics, then Schlotzsky's for lunch (I love that me and my girls have a "lunch spot") and then usually a little shopping or errands before picking up the babies.

Running errands and shopping with only two kids is like so....awesome! Haha!

I {LOVE} Tuesdays with my big girls...LOVE them...but today was our last summer Tuesday...they had their last summer gymnastics class and my big girl goes back to school next Tuesday :o(

I am really going to miss my summer Tuesdays.

One of the errands we had to run today was to the eyeglass place to get Sunshine's glasses fixed AGAIN...the second time in TWO weeks! I hope they stay fixed this time because signing my name on the "sign in" sheet and waiting for 30 minutes for "my turn" to drop off broken glasses is not on my list of things I want to do. The girls share my feelings about our weekly hangout at the eyeglass store...
Man, I sure do hope second grade doesn't change that girl!

We had much more fun hanging out at Michael's :o)
2011-08-09_12-32-51_363I picked up this photo album and scrapbook tablet...I am SO EXCITED about this project...I am hoping to work on it later this week and will more about it soon!

This afternoon, we worked on a project for a few of Sunshine's friends...I will share the details after she gives them away later this week.
Just a hint...it involves fortune cookies :o)
My girls LOVE fortune cookies :o)

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