Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Jar Full of Magic...Day 238

This morning, I took Sunshine to a friend's birthday party at the skating rink. It was "under the sea" themed...the mom did a great job with the fun decorations...of which I took no pictures...oops! Sunshine had a great time reconnecting with her friends from first grade!
And her first grade teacher...I mean, seriously, what teacher goes to the birthday parties for her students...from last year! Above and beyond...that always comes to mind when I think of Ms. F!
Could Sunshine's smile be any bigger? LOVE it!

After the party, we stopped by the girls' new dance studio and registered them for this Fall. I am SOOOOOOO excited. I think they are going to love it! While I was filling out the paperwork, Sunshine picked up a program from last year's recital...she loved looking at all of the cute costumes!
There were some really, really cute outfits...frilly and girly...and then there was this one...
Hahahahaha! I had to take a picture for hubby. We are big Napoleon fans in this house :o)

Right before bedtime tonight, I made each of the girls a glow jar...
They LOVED them!
All you do is cut the end off of a glow stick and empty the contents into a jar. Simple...Fun...Cheap...Magical!


Renee said...

How FUN! We're big N.Dynamite fans too. haha!

The Suri Story said...

Love the jar idea! Do you add water?