Saturday, August 13, 2011

Razorbacks & Good Deeds...Day 224

We had an awesome day, just relaxing, running errands and enjoying one another :o)

One of our errands took us to Target (ahhhh, Tarjay...LOVE) where we stumbled upon the sports apparel aisle...which we never stumbled upon because we aren't big into sports...except for the Razorbacks (We LOVE Razorback football!!!)...BUT I think Daddy has seen Baby Boy carrying around one too many baby dolls and rocking one too many tutus lately so we went home with these two items...
I think Baby Boy kinda likes them too :o) I tried the jersey on him in the store and he cried when I took it off...ha! When we got home, Daddy and Baby Boy played a little catch with the mini football and I overheard Daddy saying something about, being impressed about how Baby Boy was throwing the football..something about a spiral. Haha! We may have a little baller on our hands :o)

We introduced the "Good Deeds" cards last night and the girls LOVE them!!! Whoo hoo! So far I have be the recipient of these unsolicited deeds:

*one poopy diaper changed
*trash gathered from bathrooms
*clearing the plates after breakfast
*emptying the trash in the kitchen
*getting everyone a drink for lunch

And the most AWESOME good deed...

*letting mommy and daddy sleep until...9:30 a.m. today...I don't think that has happened in over seven years!!! And you know what? It rocked my socks off! Haha!

"Good Deed" cards...they're keepers! :o)

Hi Renee...I don't really have any "go-to" websites for ideas...I just usually go to google blogsearch and search for what I am looking :o) I am also a BIG fan of linky can usually get LOTS of good ideas from one party. I have recently started printing out good ideas I find and putting them in a binder so I will have a visual reminder. I have my binder arranged by month and also by project type :o) I have some really CUTE Valentine cards I cannot wait to do for Sunshine's class this year :o)


The Garners said...

Loved the good deed cards--I printed them this afternoon and tried to explain them to the kids. I'm not sure they've quite got the idea yet...Rhett asked if he could complete 13 good things by the end of the day today so he could go ahead and get a prize. Sounds like your kids got the hang of it already--awesome! I'll have to share these helpful hints with R & A. :) Thanks for sharing the idea!!!

Renee said...

Thanks Amy!