Thursday, August 11, 2011

Role Models & Chinese Take Out (Teacher Appreciation Gift)...Day 222

This summer, Sunshine participated in a kid's group at our church on Thursdays. She had the best could she not with the balloon fights, pizza party, movie days and games :o) I am so thankful for the two amazing, Christian young ladies that led her group this summer...who both happen to be OBU girls :o) Sunshine has been totally smitten by these two "super cool, pretty and fun" girls :o) I hope she always has great role models like these two ladies in her life!
When I picked up Sunshine, a friend of the girls was there and at first I didn't recognize her...
Until I was reminded of a totally embarrassing moment almost two years ago when I took Sunshine to Tiger Tunes at OBU. She was completely "star struck" with the college girls that performed on stage and she insisted I walk up to a complete stranger and ask her to take a picture with her...
What a small world!!

Another little funny...when I picked her up, she had all three of the girls' names written on a piece of paper so she could "friend" them on facebook...ha! And she did as soon as we got home :o)

A few days ago, Sunshine asked if we could make (she always prefers to MAKE over BUY) her teachers a present since today was her last day with them...I LOVE her sweet heart! I showed her these cute teacher treats on Eighteen25 and she loved the idea :o) Here are the ones she made...


She wanted to write each of the girls a note...
This picture is a good example of why I wouldn't make a good home school teacher...even though it is always an option :o)
I cannot bring myself to correct her spelling...I LOVE it...I think it is the cutest thing that weird?

If you want to make these cute little treats for your teachers this year, click here to print out the labels. We bought the Chinese take-out boxes at Michael's and modge podged (LOVE MODGE PODGE) the labels to the front of the boxes...
We filled the boxes with a sewing kit, gum, jelly beans and paper clips...all picked out by Sunshine...
Packing was a little tricky, but after a few tries we got everything to fit...
We then punched a hole in the name tags and fortune cookie bags and attached to the box with ribbon...

And then we all enjoyed a fortune cookie...Little Pumpkin LOVES fortune cookies :o)

Fun and easy!

Hi to Life in Georgia! Thanks for your comment...I got the Owl pictures from Pier 1 Imports...LOVE that place!!!

I {finally} found the link to the cupcakes I posted about here. Cute, huh?

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited hubby is getting home from his business trip tomorrow {being a single parent is TOUGH!} AND thankful for the glorious rain we have been getting this week!

Please continue to send up prayers for my daddy...we are hoping to know more next week.

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Jason and Erin said...

I'm the same way with the homeschooling teacher thing... right now Loston calls his fingers "thingers". And I snarl at anyone who attempts to correct him! :)