Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to Preschool Little Pumpkin...Day 237

My second oldest started preschool this week! In so many ways Little Pumpkin reminds me of Matilda...have you seen that movie? It is about this super smart little girl who dreams of nothing more than getting to go to school one day. Her parents are idiots and she is a genius. I am hoping we aren't idiots, but I do think the latter is true...seriously. I know you shouldn't say your kids are the best or the smartest or the cutest, but in this case I feel like is is more like I am stating a fact...haha! She is SO ready for school!


Little Pumpkin will go to preschool at our church twice a week this year. I LOVE she will be right down the hall from my class so I will be able to check on her throughout the day :o) I am ready for her to go to school because I know she is ready, but I am not ready for her to be in school all day, everyday :o)

Little Pumpkin started her morning with with a visit from the "back to school fairy." She was SO excited that the fairy came to see her, especially after seeing Sunshine's special visit a couple weeks ago.
She quickly gathered up all of her "pk" decorations and certificate before I could snap a picture...that girl LOVES to collect things. When I cleaned out her backpack after school, I found the "pk" cutouts in her sweet!

We then headed outside for the traditional "back to school" picture(S).
Sweet girl!!

Daddy met us at the church so he could "see her off." She was so excited she couldn't sit still so we got out of the car and waited by the playground.

Gotta slip in this one of Baby Boy...that boy loves accessories...haha!

Daddy and Little Pumpkin...

It seems like just yesterday we were picking her up in is she already starting preschool?

FINALLY, it's time to go to preschool!!! Here we go...
She helped me make back to school treat boxes for teachers like the one we made for Sunshine's teacher.

Meeting up with her sweet little friend, AA

And precious little J...that would be the little boy she declared her plans for the future to a few weeks ago :o) LOVE him!

Little Pumpkin and her precious teachers...they were Sunshine's preschool teachers too and we love them!!! I am so thankful Little Pumpkin will be in such loving hands this year!

I adore her classmates! I have know most of them since they were tiny babies :o) DSC07604

Looking forward to a wonderful year!