Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football and Road Trip...Day 246

Hope everyone is enjoying their LONG weekend! We sure are :o)

Yesterday, we celebrated the beginning to FOOTBALL season!!! Whoo hoo! Long gone are the days of going to the games, but that didn't stop us from breaking out our RAZORBACK gear and cheering for the hogs! Actually, the kids played between our room and theirs while we painted the master bedroom and watched/listened to the game on the espn3...oh how times have changed!
The Hogs got a BIG win over Missouri State and we are looking forward to a great season!!

Today, we took a mini road trip to Northeast Arkansas...LOVE how the girls are holding hands and Baby Boy is relaxed with his hands behind his head, watching Rio :o)
The girls were SO excited to not only see Mimi and Papa Paragould, but also their cousins (and Aunt & Uncle) that are visiting from Alabama!
Baby Boy plays and plays and plays and plays until he can't play anymore....
Sweet Pea enjoyed a little bonding time with Kara...and Kara's iPhone...haha! Sweet Pea is trying to convince us that she needs an iPhone :o)
Baby Boy enjoyed a little boy time with Brennan. It was so funny to watch him interact with Brennan. He was all about wanting to wrestle and be tough...ha!

The kids had a blast and were WORN OUT when we fact, this is Sweet Pea before we got out of the driveway...ha! I LOVE how she is still holding onto her baby and girly girl!

One more day of vacay!!! Yay!!!

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