Friday, September 30, 2011

Lunch "love" notes and Cooling Down...Day 272

Fridays...the one day a week we have no where to go...Friday rock my socks off!

Well...we do leave to take Sunshine to school and pick her up, but that doesn't really count :o)

The little kids usually stay in their pjs until 2:00 and I LOVE it!

It is SO nice to be able to check a few things off the never ending "to-do" list each Friday :o) One area I have dropped the ball on this week is lunch notes for my girls...and they have not been happy about it! I always send a lunch "love" note to school for the girls...Sunshine gets two each day because her school has a snack time each day.

I usually get a bunch of notes ready so all I have to do is sign the note and stick it in their lunchbox each night when I prepare their lunches. Unfortunately my stash ran out this week and I couldn't find the time to renew it.

I took care of that today!

Sunshine LOVES (LOVES, LOVES, LOVES) when I send jokes in her lunch. She tells me how she passes the jokes around at the lunch table each day. In fact, she keeps every single note I send her in the front pocket of her lunchbox and she passes lots of jokes around each far I haven't heard that it is causing a problem so I let her keep them in the pocket :o)

There are TONS of free lunch note printables on the internet. I print mine out on cards stock and use my paper trimmer to cut them out.

It a very simple thing I can do easily that means a lot to my girls.

I keep each girl's notes in a zip lock baggie in the island so I can quickly grab a note each night...

This weekend is Homecoming at Sunshine's school. This afternoon, all of the students got to attend a homecoming parade. Sunshine made a sign to take to the parade...
Haha..."If you give me candy, please give me gum." When I picked Sunshine up from school today, she had a handful of bubble gum. She was very proud to offer me a piece...she knows I LOVE gum :o)

Oh, and as I am writing this, I am just noticing, "Welcome Home." Ha! Love that girl!

We had a major cool down in Central Arkansas today...yay! We just love spending time outside!!!
My girls!
We tried to skip a nap for this one today...didn't work out very well...ha!
My beautiful girl and her scary eyeballs...see her scary eyeballs? They are hanging her neck...they have been hanging around her neck for an entire week! Ha!

And if Friday wasn't already good enough, Daddy got off work early!
We spent the rest of our night stuffing ourselves with stuffed crust pizza and watching movies...ahhhhh!

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