Friday, September 2, 2011

Projects & School...Day 244

The little kids and I stayed around the house today and I finished up a few little projects...

The girls' dance bags are done...
...including individual bags for their dance shoes (B for ballet, T for tap, J for jazz)...
I also got each of their shoes labeled...
...can you tell I am a little concerned about my child keeping up with all of her dance shoes? I am sure you can guess which child I am talking about! Ha!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before or not, but Sunshine has not lost any of her baby teeth yet. She is seven. Most kids lose their first tooth around four or five, maybe six. Sunshine has been writing letters to the tooth fairy for years...literally years. She is more than ready for the tooth fairy to pay her a visit. Mama, not so much. However, I know the time is coming and I want to be prepared :o) I finished up a tooth pillow and a tooth fairy door know the fairy has to have a door to come through :o)

I also finished up a Hogs shirt for Sunshine...however there is no pictorial proof of did it really happen? Ha!

My big girl does not like to be rushed. It doesn't upset her to be rushed, she just doesn't get in a matter how much you prod her. She has always liked to take her time and smell the roses :o) However, you don't alway get that luxury in school. She has been a bit anxious about her first timed math test today. The kids have 60 seconds to complete the test and any unanswered questions are marked wrong. The math problems are simple so she wasn't concerned about was the pressure of only having a minute to complete the problems. However, one thing my girl does respond well to is rewards :o) {We are not above bribes in our house.} I told her that if she got at least 18 questions right, she would get a bar of chocolate...her absolute favorite!

It worked!

Good job Sunshine!!

She also learned her bible verse for this week...

...which happens to be the school's verse for the year...
There is nothing better than listening to your kids recite God's word!

Tomorrow is the Razorback's first game of the season...whoo pig sooie!!! We can't wait!!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!! Yay!


The Garners said...

GREAT job, H!

The dance bags are adorable!

Jason and Erin said...

Once again, I am floored... how do you do it all, Amy???

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable creations! And your Sunshine has the sweetest smile!