Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Traditions...Day 291

My sweet tiny Vietnamese baby girl...
...turned 5 today...FIVE YEARS OLD!
Sophie Le Turns 5 b

I just cannot say enough about this amazing little girl. She is sweet, caring, smart as a whip, funny, insightful, beautiful and wise beyond her years. She is literally my dream come can read more about that here :o) I am SO thankful God has allowed me to parent Little honor I could have never earned nor do I deserve. In case you didn't know...Adoption rocks my socks off! Without international adoption, a piece of my heart would be missing. I am so thankful for my Little Pumpkin!!!

As you may remember, our family has several birthday traditions. This year, we started two new traditions and phased out one. Surprise, surprise, we are no longer having the number of birthday celebrations that corresponds to the child's age. For one, the number of birthday celebrations was getting out of hand...this year would be seventeen celebrations...on the other hand, I really wanted to come up with something that will help the kids focus on others rather than themselves.

Today we Incorporated the "Acts of Kindness" tradition in our house!! The idea is for the birthday child to come with a number of "Acts of Kindness" that corresponds to their age and carry them out on their birthday.

Today, Sophie Le committed five acts of kindness. The original idea was for my children to look beyond themselves and do nice things for other people, but I have to tell you, doing nice things for others is SO much fun. We tried our best to be as sneaky as possible since the acts are much as they can be :o) She LOVED that :o)

Here are the Acts of Kindness Little Pumpkin's did in honor of her 5th Birthday...

1. She left one dollar on the coke machine at our church.

2. She left $1.25 (to cover the tax) in the toy section at the Dollar Tree.
I would have LOVED to see the child's face that found this one :o)
I thought it was really funny that she chose to leave the money on top of the piggy banks :o)

3. This was probably her favorite act of kindness...she tied happy face balloons on the backpacks of her preschool friends while they were in class (she chose not to go to school today).
It was SO sweet watching her crawl along the backpack line trying to keep low so her friends wouldn't see her :o)

4. She left a soda for one of her favorite teachers to find when he opened the door after nap time.

5. The last act of kindness was leaving soda money on the coke machine in the waiting room on the cardiovascular floor at the hospital. I spent a week on that floor about seven years ago.

Fun, fun, fun! I just love watching my children get so excited about serving others. It makes my heart so happy!

We also did lot of other fun things to celebrate Little Pumpkin today too :o)

We had a fruit breakfast...our other kiddos get a donut breakfast on their birthday, but if you know Little Pumpkin, you know fruit is her FAVORITE :o)

She opened lots of fun presents...
I think the abacus was her favorite :o)
You know they like a present when they stop opening presents and choose to play with that one :o)

We went out for a traditional Vietnamese lunch...
Did I mention Daddy took the day off to be with us? Yay!!!

Afternoon presents and playtime with her sisters...

And a yummy supper and German Chocolate cupcakes!
Happy Birthday to you...

We are looking forward to her friend & family party in a few weeks!!

Oh, I almost forgot...we also started another birthday tradition...I'll share more about it soon :o)

Happy Birthday Little Pumpkin!!!


Lisa said...

Happy, happy birthday! I love the acts of kindness idea!

Sarah said...

The acts of kindness are a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I think we will start that tradition, too. What ideas do you have for sisters showing kindness to each other. We are struggling with that in our house. :) Happy birthday to your sweet 5 year old!

Renee said...

I LOOOOOOOVE the new birthday tradition!!!

Renee said...

Oh! And the abacus...what a great idea!! Math PLUS so many ways to sort/organize! ha! I want one!

Anonymous said...

soooo precious! Loved reading this :)

Emy said...

She is so so sweet! Happy birthday Little Pumpkin! I love the acts of kindness, what an awesome idea!

The Suri Story said...

Happy birthday little pumpkin! You always have the best ideas! I love that you just made 5 people's day. What wonderful lesson for little ones and big ones! We will most definately be adopting that tradition! Looks like she had a wonderful day!!