Monday, October 31, 2011

Book Character Day & Trick or Treating...Day 299

Today was book character day at Sunshine's school. Each child in the second grade chose a real person that has made an impact on our world and read a biography about that person. Today they dressed as that person, gave a brief speech in the first person about that person and then fielded questions.

Sunshine LOVED wearing a wig...she looked so different with dark hair!

As a child, this presentation would have been a nightmare for me. I was so shy! Sunshine...not so much!

I was so proud of my girl! She did GREAT!

It was so cute seeing all of the kiddos dressed up as historical (for the most part) figures. I loved hearing them discuss whether or not they might have known each other :o)

Daddy came all the way from downtown to watch the three minute presentation. Good daddy!

Me and Jane Addams :o)

After supper tonight, we took the doctor, Minnie Mouse, the pink dinosaur and Scooby Doo trick or treating. They were all WAY into it this year!

The picture quality is HORRIBLE, but do you recognize the steps?
That is our old house!

The kids were very happy with their haul!

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Anonymous said...

She is sooo beautiful! Love it! :)