Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Day at the Farm...Day 287

Each year, the adoption agency (Dillon International) we used to adopt Little Pumpkin hosts a super fun day at the Family Farm. We {heart} the Family Farm. If you live in Central Arkansas and you haven't visited the Family Farm, I highly recommend is SO FUN! There is tons for the kids (and adults) to do...hayride, tractor rides, canoe rides, hay playground, pony rides, petting zoo, wooden carousel, swings, zip line, fishing, tennis ball launch, puppet show and a pumpkin "patch." There is seriously so much to do...I am probably leaving something out :o)

Really, as great as the patch is...and we have established it favorite part of this day each year is seeing our adoption social worker and other adoptive families. We are so blessed that we had a wonderful adoption experience...we had no idea how lucky we were while going through the process. International adoption has never been "easy," but in recent years, it has become almost impossible. Such a shame.

Me and the kiddos with Kimberly, our social worker for Little Pumpkin.

Before we left for the patch, we took a few pictures of the kids...
Eight months ago in the same spot...

Back to the patch...
Sunshine was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be called on stage :o)
AND she got to pinch the puppet's nose!
A highlight of my life was when "Mama Mae" asked the kids what we could be thankful for this Fall and Sweet Pea raised her sweet little hand and spoke right into the microphone and said, "God and Jesus."
That girl loves her mama :o)

The girls have requested we get a horse...
Every little girl needs a pony, right?
I bet this one could actually talk her Daddy into a pony...she kinda has him wrapped around her little finger :o)

Do kids ever run out of energy?

Ready for the wooden carousel!

One of the girls FAVORITE things was the tennis ball sling shot...or as they called it, "Real life angry birds!"

A rare picture of hubby and I...courtesy of Little Pupmkin...
DSC07778 I looked stressed? I was struggling with Baby Boy behind my back...he was dying to take off...haha!

I LOVE (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) this picture...
Sweet Sunshine winding down on the hayride...with a smile on her face...sweetness!

She is pretty into spooky things this Halloween...she excitedly ran over to these "gravestones" only to realize they were actually the ten commandments. She was even more excited to realize they were the ten commandments...and asked to have her picture made with them...haha!

I am already looking forward to next year!

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Lisa said...

It was nice to get to see you all at the Farm, even if it was very brief. That place is so much fun!