Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clothes, Shoes & Personalities...Day 276

I started changing over the girls' closets Sunday afternoon...one of my least favorite chores! Unfortunately, I was unable to get the job done and when we got home Monday afternoon, despite the hours I had already worked on the task, it still looked like a clothes bomb had gone off in our room. That kind of thing drive me crazy and until things get back in order, I tend to be a grumpy bear. So...I dove right in as soon as we got home, took a quick break for supper and then kept plugging ahead afterwards. It was getting kinda late and I was SO close to finishing so I asked Sunshine to make the lunches for today so I could be done with the clothes chaos. She did. She's sweet like that :o)

I had no idea she made notes for the lunches when she packed them! Sweet Pea was thrilled :o)
How cute is that?

When hubby got home tonight, I showed him Sweet Pea's note and he smiled and pulled out a note from his lunchbox...
...a note from the "good day fairy."

I love that girl!!!

All of the girls were needing some new shoes so I decided to buy them some Toms today.

I was so excited to find the perfect style for each girl.

For my super fancy, princess...aka Sweet Pea...purple sparkly Toms.

For my super, studious math whiz...aka Little Pumpkin..."Red Calculus."

And for my girl who is required to wear a uniform everyday...aka as Sunshine...some red nautical Toms to match her uniforms :o)

I love Toms. One for One.

AND while I was out shopping, I came across a display featuring three perfect little "babies" for each of my girls! What luck!
Little Pumpkin's FAVORITE character...Kai Lan...Sunshine's FAVORITE character...Scooby Doo...Sweet Pea's FAVORITE character...Hello Kitty.

How could I resist?


The Garners said...

Super cute Toms for your super cute girls! And the notes--my goodness--so precious! She has such a caring spirit!

Renee said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! PRECIOUS NOTES!!!! I love the shoes and baby dolls too! I tried to give a baby doll to Elijah but he pretended to pick her nose yell, "Booger! Booger!" HA! I guess we'll just wait until we have a little girl. hahahhaha