Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday...Day 273

This morning, Baby Boy and I attended a fun party for one of his little friends from church. Here they are on a birthday parade :o)
Baby Boy loves birthday parties. He is very social and really enjoys seeing his little friends...and having cupcakes :o) Today, while jumping in the bounce house, one of his little friends introduced him to wrestling...Baby Boy LOVED it...ha! Hopefully he won't decide to share his new hobby with his sisters!

After the party, we met up with Daddy and the girls and had a yummy lunch at Chili's. Daddy got all three girls ready by himself this morning. I think he did a great job...however, the girls were quick to let it be known that they had not brushed their teeth or hair...ha! Luckily, mommy always keeps bows, barrettes and rubber bands in the car because I am not sure Sweet Pea would have gone into the restaurant otherwise...ha! She likes to look good :o) Little Pumpkin also let me know that she was wearing two skirts...ha!

We spent the afternoon at the movies...
Three of the four kiddos fell asleep, but we did make it through the entire movie so I count that as a big success :o)

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