Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dixie Stampede and Game Night...Day 325

Our Branson trip continues...

Silver Dollar City is a HUGE draw for Branson at Christmas time...however, it was closed while we were in town :o( Although, I am not sure any of us were really that upset about it because no one in our family likes to be out in the cold and it was COLD the entire time we were in town. We turn into pretty big wimps when the temperature dips below 70. Ha!

One show that we were really, really excited about is Dixie Stampede. Luckily, I had a friend tell me that during Christmas time, instead of a battle between the North and South, it is the North Pole vs. the South Pole. FUN! When you buy your tickets online, you choose to either sit on the North side or the South side...if we had ended up on the South Pole side, we would have had two very disappointed girls. Ha!

When you walk up to the theater, you pass by the stars of the show...the horses! The girls LOVED seeing all of the horses and picking out their favorites. Sunshine chose "Midnight."
{Sorry so many of the pictures are camera is so out of wack! Ugh!}

Little Pumpkin chose "Sam." She first chose "Trouble," until I read her his name. I am sure you can guess which name fits her better. Ha!

I thought it was CRAZY that these two horses were placed next to one another...
If you look close, you will notice one is named "Missy" and the other "Amy." That is my name and my sister's name!

Sunshine congratulating "Midnight" after the show :o)

After the show, we headed back to Big Cedar and checked out the game Pictionary from Guest Services and played a few rounds in the lobby. {The resort had AWESOME DVDs and games for us to check out each day. We LOVED watching Christmas movies all week!}

The girls listed this as their #1 favorite activity of the getaway :o) In fact, we scheduled "family game time" into our evenings the rest of the trip!

Of course, I knew my Sunshine would love Pictionary...she draws She LOVES to color, draw and write.

Little Pumpkin likes to draw, but Little Pumpkin LOVES Pictionary! She was really good at it too!
In fact, I think Daddy guessed everyone of her drawings! Can you guess what this is?
An octopus!

More tomorrow!

{First Branson post here.}

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Oh my goodness! I've had so much fun reading about your trip!