Sunday, November 27, 2011

Branson #3...Day 326

Finishing up our trip...

The next morning we ate at one of the restaurants at our resort. The girls LOVED eating at the "fancy restaurant!" I have to say, it was REALLY yummy!

After breakfast, we decided to take advantage of our last full day in Branson and do some more Christmas shopping :o)

Our first stop was the Bass Pro Shop. The girls took great care in making out their Christmas Wish Lists for Santa.
Oh how I love those sweet little lips!

Speaking of Christmas Lists...let's take a closer look...

Little Pumpkin's...
" A black cat, apple, baby black cat, ipod, ipad, carrot, grape and a chocolate chip."

Hahahahahaha! That girl is one of a kind!

Sunshine's List...
"An ipad and a real, calm kitten so that I can keep it in the house...not a toy kitten."

Well, it looks like a new kitten or two is in my near future. A heck of a lot cheaper than an ipod or two! Ha!

We then had a little visit with Santa Claus...picture to come. SWEETNESS! Little Pumpkin talked Santa's ear off this year. A far cry from their interaction a few years ago!

We then continued to shop and shop and shop some more.

Little Pumpkin found a little something to her Christmas list...
2011-11-22_14-51-12_993 did Sunshine!

I am thrilled to report we are very close to being done with our Christmas shopping! Whoo hoo!

After a yummy supper, we headed to my favorite dessert spot in Branson...Cakes n Cream Dessert Palor.

We then spent a hour or so playing "Apples to Apples" in the lobby and then turned in for our nightly Christmas movie. When all of the sudden...

...there was a knock, knock, knock on the door...

Who could it be at this time of night?

Sprinkles, the elf! Yay!

She read the girls a Christmas story...

...took their Christmas lists for Santa...

...and delivered an early Christmas present from Santa :o)

The next morning, we headed to Northeast Arkansas to celebrate Thanksgiving. Little Pumpkin pretty much cooked the entire meal. Haha!

Part one of our trip.
Part two of our trip.

Now on to coat #2...sooooo excited to almost to be done with my first furniture upcycle! Pictures tomorrow!


Mom of 7 said...

SO fun, it really makes me want to go to Branson! I want to know where you got Sunshine's sequined girl would LOVE those! I am so impressed by how well Pumpkin writes, she is so smart!

Unknown said...

I love that Sunshine clarified the she wanted a REAL kitten, not a toy one! That sneaky Santa has to be given explicit instructions! LOL.

Renee said...

Indoor kittens...YIKES! Mine have cost me THOUSANDS in home repairs. I'd go with the Ipads. haha!