Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Sleepers, Punishments & Bossy Girl...Day 302

Public schools in our area are out today and tomorrow so we had the day off from MDO. I have to admit, the break in our normal schedule was awesome! I was able to finish {almost} everything for the kids' party this weekend. The best part of planning a party is seeing how excited the kiddos get...all of them :o) Sunshine is absolutely eating up the party prep!

I just cannot believe my baby boy is going to be TWO next week! It seems like just yesterday we received the call from DHS telling us about a newborn baby boy needing a home. I am so amazed at how God has healed his body...amazed.
When we brought him home from the hospital, we thought he would be in our home for six months...max. At the time, I didn't give much thought to raising a boy...he was just a baby. However, now he is a full blown boy. I have had to make intentional efforts to expose him to "boy things." Now, I am not saying girls have to play with dolls and boys have to pay with trucks, but after having three girls, I can tell you, there is something to stereotypes :o) Anyways, I put baby boy in his "boy" Razorback jersey, and you know what that stinker said?

"Whooooo weeeeeee, I fancy." Haha! I'm tryin' people, really I am!

Speaking of baby boy, there are a couple more things I want to document before I forget. All four of my babies are GREAT sleepers. Four kids, all from VERY different backgrounds, great sleepers...I am indeed a BLESSED mama :o) Baby Boy loves to take naps (at MDO, not always). He usually goes down for a morning nap around 9:30 each morning, if we are at home. Sometimes I will get busy doing something else and forget to put him to bed. He is quick to remind me...he grabs his blankie and empty bottle and brings them to me...
How sweet is he?

Another "funny" thing about Baby Boy is that he will eat ANYTHING...any food, crayons, dirt, bugs, sticks...anything. I have to watch him CLOSE...ALWAYS. My kids LOVE apples. I usually cut them up in wedges for them, but the other day I gave him a whole apple and put him in his highchair while I was cleaning. I was shocked when I checked on him and found only this...
That was ALL that was left of the apple. No stem, no seeds, no core. Is that normal? I plan to ask his doctor at his 2 year visit if there could be some reason he is willing & eager to eat anything...thoughts?

This Little Pumpkin...
...she has a bossy streak. Not sure where that comes from...ha! Earlier this week, she got to be the teacher at bible study...she ate it up. She had no problem telling the kids what to do, where to go...with very detailed instructions. Haha!

This one...
2011-11-01_11-07-53_591 her first extended punishment this week. Her punishment has been tough on her, but honestly, it has probably been tougher on me. She intentionally tore up one of our good bows the other day. Pretty serious crime in this house...ha! AND lied about it. Her bows for a week. I am relieved she has no concept of time because I am going to have to give her an early release of punishment. Mama misses seeing her baby in bows!

Since this post has been completely random and pretty much revolved around pictures on my phone, I will end with this one...
...we are so blessed to have very involved grandparents in our life. The girls get so excited when my parents make a surprise visit to town and treat them to an after school treat at their favorite yogurt spot...Yogurt Mountain! Yum!!

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