Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011...Day 365

I believe we had the best weather day of the year today...a perfect 70 degrees. And it didn't hurt we are still on vacation :o)

We LOVE being able to take our time getting ready and not being rushed! My three little burritos after their bath this morning!

LOVE days like this.


I cannot bear to think about getting back into our normal schedule in a few days :o(


We have SO enjoyed the last week and a half...just hanging out together all day!

I just cannot get enough of these sweet kiddos!


And my sweet hubby :o)


I am also SO excited Baby Boy has decided...after two years...that he LIKES to have his picture made! Whew! I was trying to take a quick picture of the three girls all lined up ready to race and Baby Boy saw me with the camera and ran over to the line-up...he refused to move until I took his picture :o) Makes a mama proud :o) Ha!


And they're off!

We are now all cuddled up on the couch, watching The Bee Movie...waiting to ring in the new year!

Happy New Year's Eve!!! 2012 is going to be an awesome year!

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