Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Day we got Love and Joy...Day 336

We woke up a few days ago, had breakfast and then told the girls we were going on a short get one of their Christmas presents!

Oh, the anticipation!

We drove to a nearby town and pulled in the Wal-Mart parking lot. To be honest, the girls were not impressed to be sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot after being in the car for 45 minutes. Ha! It only takes us five mintues to get to our Wal-Mart. They were trying to be good sports, but I know they were thinking, "Why have we been in the car so long just to go to Wal-Mart?"

Once we parked, we told the girls their presents would be arriving in a red suv. For the next 10 minutes they were on {super} high alert looking the red gift bearing suv :o) SO sweet!

Finally...the red suv pulled in the parking lot and drove straight to our vehicle!

The girls couldn't wait to see what was in that car :o)

I stayed in the car with the two littles and the big girls walked over to the car with their Daddy. I watched as they slowly walked over to the red vehicle and I SO WISH I would have videoed their expressions when they saw their gifts! It was priceless!


Sweet, soft, beautiful kittens.


Here is Sunshine's "real, calm kitten."

She named her kitten, "Joy."

Little Pumpkin originally wanted a black cat, but instead chose a solid gray.

She named her kitten "Love."

I turned my head for a minute while helping the girls wrap their kittens and I when I turned back around, I found this...
He was not happy when Mommy made him get out. Ha! Put him in the playpin and he gets mad, but apparantely being in the tiny kitten kennel is pure bliss!


Renee said...

JONAH! HAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! That is HILARIOUS!!!!!! Congratulations on the new kittens! I'm SURE Joy and Love will be VERY happy in their new home!

Dianna said...

Tis the season for new kittens! However, I'm dying to find out how Sweet Pea reacted to not getting a kitten like her big sisters... Santa had better have something good up his sleeve for that girl! LOL!