Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Visit & Goodbye to our Elf on the Shelf...Day 352

The kids were thrilled to wake up this morning to find Santa came to visit a day early! Sparkles definitely came through for us :o)

In case you were wondering, the girls were completely stoked that we scored a picture of Santa delivering the presents!

Sunshine was happy...she got some "spy stuff..."
Phineas and Ferb were also a hit!
Little Pumpkin was happy...she got the apple she wished for...ha!
She was also was super excited to get Mulan and Mulan's boy...whatever his name is :o)
Baby Boy got some more trains...he LOVES trains!
He also enjoyed working on his new 4 wheeler with Daddy :o)
Sweet Pea got lots of goodies too...she said, "I like getting presents."
I {heart} the Disney store...princesses for everyone in our family!

We had such a fun afternoon! We played with all of the new toys and games! We especially liked playing Hedbanz!
Sweet Pea never did get this one! Haha!

We also tried something new with Little Pumpkin...notice anything different?

As you know, we have had alot of fun with our elf on the shelf, Sparkles this month. Honestly, I am really sad our time with her is over. The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hunting for her every morning. It is soooooooo sweet. Jonah loves finding her and saying, "Sneaky elf." In fact, he usually says that at least 10 times a day :o) Sweet Pea has been great at finding Sparkles each morning...she has probably found her more often that the other girls, which thrills her!

Tomorrow, Sparkles will leave us :o(

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Lisa said...

What a great celebration! These pictures are fabulous! You really captured the joy of the day. Merry Christmas!!