Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Boy...Day 3

Today was our first day back to MDO since mid-December.


Apparantly, none of the other workers (expect one other) knew we were starting back today so we only had one room open...that means all of the kids were in one class...little kids to big kids! It was defintely an interesting day to say the least!


Sweet Pea & Little Pumpkin are always in my class, but today Baby Boy was in there too! He is usually in a baby room which means he eats in a highchair and sleeps in a baby bed...we don't have those in my room so he ate and slept like the big kids! I was a bit nervous, but he did AWESOME! I was so proud of him!

So proud in fact that I promoted him to a big boy bed when we got home!

The crazy thing is that all three girls slept in this crib...but never as a toddler bed...they were all bumped out of the crib by the next kid line...ha! I think he likes his new found freedom!

Sweet little thing!

January 3rd's picture of the day...

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The Suri Story said...

Your babies are absolutely precious! Congrats baby boy on the big boy bed!