Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dance and Clothes...Day 25

Yesterday, we had MDO (and school) and afterwards it was DANCE time!
{January 24th's picture}
The girls are LOVING dance. Little sister really, really wants to join them each week...maybe this fall! The big girls both started practicing for their recital this week. I didn't get to see any of Little Pumpkin's dance, but I saw a bit of Sunshine's dance. For their jazz routine they are brides. The are doing the "going to the chapel" is going to be so cute!

While the girls danced, I took the babies to play in the indoor tubes. Baby Boy tried to give me a quick cheese, but he really just wanted to go play!
They always LOVE looking at the fish. Baby Boy always insists on stopping by the tank and saying, "bye, bye fish" when we leave. So sweet!

Today was an early dismissal day at Sunshine's school. They only get out an hour early, but it is such a treat to have her home with us! I wish we got out at 2:00 everyday! The little babies were sleeping when she got home so she and Little Pumpkin decided to read book. I hope my babies always love to read!

If you have read this blog for any amount of time, it will probably not surprise you that Sunshine usually couldn't care less about what she wears. She has always been all about comfort {smart girl!}. If it was up to her, she would wear a t-shirt and stretch pants with her hair in a ponytail everyday. And no, it would not matter to her AT ALL if the shirt matched the pants. Needless to say, I pick out her clothes everyday...mostly because she doesn't have any interest and secondly because she also has no desire to dress for the weather :o) So you can imagine my surprise, when she wanted to pick out her outfit for church tonight! I think she did a good job!
{January 25th's picture}
My sweet girl! I am curious if this interest in picking out her clothes continues!

Of course, since I was taking Sunshine's picture, everyone else wanted equal time in front of the lens! Ha!

First up...Baby Boy, age 2...

Next, Sweet Pea, age 3...
{Btw, these tights are from Crazy 8...they are part of the panda bear collection...the same as her stripped green dress...she got them as a Christmas present...thank you for the sweet comment!}

Next up...Little Pumpkin, age 5...
See those pink cowboy boots she is wearing? Those were Sunshine's when she was younger. The little girls race to the shoe drawer everyday to try and get to the boots first. Cracks me up!

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