Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doctor Visit & Dollar Tree...Day 11

I have no idea how single parents do it...hubby has been out of town two days and I.AM.EXHAUSTED!

This morning, Baby Boy & Sweet Pea had well baby check-ups at the doctor. I was THRILLED to learn Baby Boy is now in the 29th percentile for weight! Whoo hoo! A far cry from the 4th percentile he was when he was born. Before Baby Boy, I never really paid attention to the percentiles, but it has become a life mission to get his up :o)

I am so thankful each of the kids got a clean bill of health. That is something I will never take for granted. I feel so blessed to have healthy babies.

Shots are always traumatic so to help brighten the mood, we went to Chick-Fil-A for ice cream and a little play time.
I just LOVE how Baby Boy has his arms crossed in the picture above. He totally cracks me up. I was feeding him his ice cream and of course had to stop while I took the picture...he was not interested in posing for a picture...he was only concerned with me getting done and getting back to work with the spoon :o)

Ganny & Papa Texarkana were in town for a doctor's visit this afternoon. They got done around 2:30 so I picked up Sunshine early from school and we met them for a 2nd lunch/early dinner. The kids are always so excited to see their grandparents!
{January 11th's picture}

Sunshine was not happy all the kids got ice cream earlier in the day so she talked her papa into getting her some ice didn't take much convincing :o)

Papa gave each of the kids some change so we stopped by The Dollar Tree on the way to church to pick out a couple treasures. It is so funny how much kids love The Dollar Tree. Maybe I should do their Christmas shopping there next year...that would be nice :o)

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I think a Dollar Tree Christmas would be awesome!