Monday, January 2, 2012

Facebook is Useful After All...Day 2

After supper last night, I briefly checked facebook without much thought and I saw a status update from Sunshine's teacher that said something about "going back to school tomorrow."

Agggg! I totally thought we had another day before heading back to reality :o( In fact, I am pretty sure Sunshine's school is the ONLY school in our area that was in session today. I am sure we will be thankful this summer when we get out earlier than the other schools, but today it stunk!

Luckily, hubby and the rest of us had the day off today. Actually, it felt really strange not having Sunshine with us today!

Nothing exciting on the docket today...made the 7up biscuits that are all over the internet, made some yummy smoothies and milkshakes...loving my new blender/food processor...cleaned out another closet, burned some trash and packed up some more donations. I.Love.Decluttering!!!!!

Tomorrow we all get back into our normal routine...MDO, work & dance.

Here is January 2nd's picture...
January 2
LOVE that girl!!!

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brian b. said...

i am on facebook come join me.
Love your beautiful blog!