Sunday, January 8, 2012

Game Changer...Day 8

Poor Baby Boy had a fit with his allergies today. Coughing and sneezing like crazy. The upside was that he was my cuddle bunny today :o) I really hate when my kiddos are under the weather, but honestly, is there anything better than a baby who falls asleep while you are holding them? Those days are few and far between with that two year old bundle of energy!

We decided to keep him home this morning so we watched church can be a wonderful thing!

After lunch, hubby tried out his new leaf sweeper he got for Christmas. As you know, I have a hate/hate relationship with leaves :o) Raking leaves is just about the only thing I don't like about having land in the country. You would think having 70 less trees this year would result in less luck. All but two of those trees came down outside of our "yard."

Let me just tell you...the leaf sweeper is my new FAVORITE is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!! How in the world have we not heard of this thing before?


The sweeper attaches to the back of the mower and sweet boy just drives over the leaves and the machine sweeps them up...genius!

He then drives it over by the burn pile...

...he pulls a sting and dumps the leaves!

I burned leaves all afternoon and barely made a dent in the pile hubby collected!

Sweet hubby collected more leaves today than I could have raked in a month! What a timesaver!!! It is defintely a game changer!

I had a couple sweet helpers this afternoon!


Sunshine warming up by the fire...


Don't worry...they took lots of play breaks! Did you know two kids could fit on a sit and spin? Ha!

Sunshine and her new kitten, Joy...

January 8th's picture...

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The Garners said...

What a great invention!