Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hanging in There...Day 5

I was relieved to see Sunshine still had all of her teeth when I picked her up from school this afternoon!
I really, really hope we are together when her first tooth comes out!
Have I mentioned that several of her friends (in her grade) are already getting BRACES?!?!? Apparently, there is a new "two phase" braces approach these days.

Today was Little Pumpkin's first day back to preschool since Christmas.
sophie le2
She had a wonderful day! She LOVES going to school I will never take for granted my kids' being in a safe, nurturing school. We are so blessed.
sophie le

Sweet Pea has been working hard with her new computer she got for Christmas.
I think there has already been some improvement in her fine motor skills over the last few weeks :o) I plan on talking to the doctor about her fine and gross motor skills as well as her speech next week.
julianne (2)

Speaking of speech, this little boy's speech has exploded lately!
He is so curious about EVERYTHING. There is never a dull moment with him. His new thing is to ask questions constantely like, "Where are we going?" and "What is today?"
He is such a little miracle! A very handsome little miracle, I might add!

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