Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lunches & Glasses...Day 10

A couple of you asked about the lunch containers I use for the kids' lunches...


They are Ziploc brand and I bought them at Wal-Mart. They come in a pack of three for around under $4. Reusable and very handy!

They seal up well and I haven't had any problems with food leaking from compartment to compartment.

I LOVE them!

I also use a couple other containers. I love these silicone baking cups. I use them to help separate items in the main container. I got this set of 6 from The Dollar Tree. They have much fancier ones at Michael's for $10.

I also found these little containers at The Dollar Store. Great for hummus, ketchup, ranch dip, etc...
10 containers for $1...can't beat that!

We had a busy, busy {super rainy} day today. Bible study this morning and dance this evening...with several errands mixed in along the way.

The dance studio had the girls' dance recital costumes posted today...SO cute! I am so excited about their recital...too bad it isn't until June!

Daddy is still out of town and we sure are missing him! Sunshine insisted I take this picture of her at supper tonight and she promptly texted it to Daddy :o) She said, "He will really like seeing my new glasses."

{Picture for January 10th}

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