Monday, February 27, 2012

Outside...Day 48

Hi! It's been awhile :o)
We have been busy, busy, busy...mostly taking advantage of the AWESOME weather here in Central Arkansas :o)
Most days over the last week have been spent outside...
IMG_3704 far, this has been the best winter ever! Ha!

This little sweetie went back to preschool today...after three days of playing "hookie."
It has hit me hard lately that she will be in school everyday (of the week) next year. I am SO not ready for that!

After school today, we spent the afternoon (and early evening) outside planting bulbs, blowing bubbles, playing with chalk and attacking the leaves :o)
My girls LOVE working in the yard!
We weren't sure how which side of the bulbs were suppose to point up so we alternated the direction of the bulbs :o) Ha! Good thing there were 50+ in the package!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Museum of Discovery...Day 52

I was blessed to spend the day with my two big girls yesterday at the Museum of Discovery.
The museum was recently renovated. Little Pumpkin and I hadn't been since it reopened, but Sunshine went for a field trip a couple weeks ago and HIGHLY recommended we visit asap :o) For those in Central Arkansas, it is WAY better than before :o)
The girls had a blast playing with all of the new toys :o)
Sunshine LOVED playing the role of news broadcaster! Who knows what the future holds?!
They were having a special music workshop while we were there and both girls LOVED trying out the instruments...traditional and creative alternatives.
There is a section that has lots of fun animals. Little Pumpkin fell in love with the sweet, little birds. She said she wanted a bird of her own to keep in her room.
Creating electricity.
Sunshine spent lots of time creating tunnels for balls (and marbles) to travel through.
Strong little girl! Pulling herself up with a pulley!
Little Pumpkin's turn!
Laying on a bed of nails.
Little Pumpkin was a bit more skeptical trying out this activity than her big sister was :o)
If you go, be sure to check out fun! It measures your brain waves.

For lunch, we met Daddy at the Rivermarket. Daddy & Little Pumpkin always get veggie fried rice and Sunshine and I always get pasta. Everyone's happy!

Today we had a busy day of bible study, school, errands and dance.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daily Life...Day 50

Things have really changed the last few year in regards to taking pictures. Most of us have a good camera, small/take along camera and a cell phone to take pictures. Add in your video camera, computer webcam and your kids' cameras...and things start to seem a bit excessive, huh? Ha! The kids growing up now have to be the most documented children in history. The ones in my house are no exception and for that I am thankful :o) I am also love finding random pictures on my cell phone that I don't remember taking.

Like this one of "Occupy Little Rock." I wonder if they are still camping out downtown...haven't heard anything about them lately.

The following two pictures were taken on a particularly exciting drive through town a month or so ago...

A dancing pizza on one side of the street...
...and a dancing hamburger on the other...
...oh the pure goodness! It reminded me of the Justin Timberlake SNL skit...anyone remember that?

Right before Christmas, we were out driving around neighborhoods, which is a common pastime in our family, and we saw this...
Y'all, the picture DOES NOT do the scene justice. That Godzilla is taller than the HOUSE, which is tall...two stories. I mean, come one, check out Rudolph. I don't know the people that live in this house, but I can assure you, they must be pretty cool :o)

Another sign your child is living in a different world that you grew up in...when she says, "Hey Mama, take a picture of me so I can update my Facebook status since I lost a tooth."

Little of the few children I know that would choose to eat veggies for a snack over Goldfish.
Speaking of Little Pumpkin, I FINALLY got her hair into braids...SO CUTE!

Shopping with four little ones is always an adventure :o) Moms of little ones, I am sure you can relate. Anytime you can get them to sit still for a moment, while you try to pick something out, is golden...
You also must know, anytime you pass a display of pillow pets, you must stop...especially if they are the new, little pillow pets :o)

My sweeties having a Valentine cookie at a friend's Valentine party...

I call this one, "they are lucky they're cute."
After spending the afternoon cleaning their room and changing the linens on their bed, they say, "Mama, can we get a blanket and pillow and watch a movie on the floor in our room?" Of course, I say, "yes." I came back to check on them five minutes later to find this...all of the blankets/sheets/pillows/babies off their bed and a few from the linen closet in the hall.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Lunches - Day 49

Would you like to see some recent lunch pictures? If so, scroll down. If not, come back tomorrow. Haha!

Top left to bottom right...
Baby Boy - Cheddar cheese, Keebler club crackers (mini), grape tomatoes, pepperoni, cosmic brownie, size of yogurt (not shown)
Sweet Pea - Cheddar cheese, Keebler club crackers (mini), grape tomatoes, pepperoni, cosmic brownie, apple sauce
Little Pumpkin - Cheddar cheese, Keebler club crackers (mini), grape tomatoes, pepperoni, cosmic brownie, apple sauce
Sunshine - Cheddar cheese, Keebler club crackers (mini), grape tomatoes, chicken deli meat, cosmic brownie, apple sauce


Top left to bottom right...
Sunshine - Nutella (YUMMY!!!!!!) heart sandwich, cosmic brownie, flavor blast Goldfish, mozzarella stick, pretzel sticks, go-gurt
Baby Boy - pepperoni, yogurt, mozzarella stick, flavor blast Goldfish, Little Debbie Valentine cake, pretzel sticks
Little Pumpkin - pepperoni, yogurt, mozzarella stick, flavor blast Goldfish, Little Debbie Valentine cake, pretzel sticks
Sweet Pea - chicken deli meat, yogurt, mozzarella stick, flavor blast Goldfish, Little Debbie Valentine cake, pretzel sticks

Hubby & I watched Courageous last night.

Have you seen it? Really, really good!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Day with Little Pumpkin...Day 47

I had the wonderful treat of spending the day with Little Pumpkin today! I LOVE spending time with all of the kids, but there is just something magical about getting to spend one-on-one time with them.

After we dropped the other kiddos off at school, we did a little shopping. Sweet girl LOVED riding in the front of the buggy...she got booted outta that seat a l.o.n.g time ago :o(

We then stopped by Sunshine's school and had lunch with her. Little Pumpkin LOVED spending time at the "big kid school."

Next, we headed downtown to have lunch with Daddy!

Then a quick stop by the store for fabric and a few Easter decorations:o)

Fun day!

{I was asked if I am still doing to February Photo Challenge...yes! I just wasn't digging the post the picture each day thing so I am waiting until I have several to post together.}

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clothes Shopping at Wal-Mart?...Day 47

Our adoption specialist came for a visit this morning.
Hubby's fingerprints were lost so we have not been able to get a court date.He had the fingerprints redone and the results came back last week and were sent to the courthouse so hopefully we will receive a court date SOON.

I wanted to share the sweet little outfits the girls wore today.
I found these zebra print dresses at Wal-Mart for only $5!
And the cardigans were only $4! Whoo hoo!
You know how much I LOVE anything monogrammed :o)

I can't get enough of my sweet little girls!